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Education Reform

getting into college

College Not for Everyone?

Robert Reich: The biggest absurdity is that a four-year college degree has become the only gateway into the American middle class.

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Elections and Campaigns

Ted Cruz Denies Global Warming

A New Era of Televangelists

Tina Dupuy: This recent phenomenon of “running for office” when really they’re sprinting for a book deal, TV show, or cinnamon-cure spokesman, has become its own commercial enterprise.

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Animal Rights

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The Body Politic

Goal Setting for Health

Set a Goal and Watch What Happens

Treva Brandon Scharf: You don’t have to be a marathoner – or even an athlete – to appreciate the kind of runner’s high you’ll get from setting a goal. All you need are some tried-and-true goal-setting strategies and a little determination to get you going.

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Immigration Reform

Immigrant factory workers

Fair Trials for Undocumented Immigrants

Jennie Pasquarella: Last Friday, a California appeals court brought us one step closer to ensuring that the protection of our laws – including the constitutional right to a fair trial and an impartial jury – extends to everyone.

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Right to Work Failing

The “Tide” That’s Really a Trickle

Berry Craig: The “Right to Work” union-busters are one for seven in states this year. In baseball, my favorite sport, that’s a .143 bench-warmer batting average.

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Economic Justice

Wall Street Corruption

Big-Bank Bad Guys Bully Democracy – And Blow It

RJ Eskow: They’ve cheated customers and defrauded investors. Now they want to use our legalized system of campaign-cash corruption to protect themselves from the very government which rescued them.

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Progressive Issues

Lyndon Johnson Politics

What Democrats Have Forgotten

Mitchell Lerner: Regardless of the specific details of the Great Society programs, the ideology that lay behind them speaks volumes about the American conception of the role of government, and offers lessons for the contemporary Democratic Party that seem to have been forgotten.

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Featured Events

Unsettling the University

Unsettling the University: Confronting Capitalism and the Crisis of Higher Education

A Conference inspired by Stephen Cullenberg’s Tenure as CHASS Dean, 2006-2014 University of California, Riverside 900 University Ave. Riverside, CA 92521 Thursday & Friday, April 2 & 3 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. his conference recognizes and pays tribute to the work of Stephen Cullenberg, the former Dean of UC Riverside’s College of Humanities, Arts, […]

A panel discussion on female gang diversion featuring a short fill presentation of "Gang Girl: A Mother's Journey to Save Her Daughter."

Saving Our Girls

A panel discussion on female gang diversion featuring a short fill presentation of “Gang Girl: A Mother’s Journey to Save Her Daughter.”

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Gay Rights

Religious Freedom Restoration Act

The Roots of Hate: Shoot the Sodomites

Carl Matthes: Is it any surprise, then, that Attorney McLaughlin feels it’s quite okay to write an initiative to kill gay people when a member of the hierarchy of the Catholic Church is making pronouncements that being gay is tantamount to being a murderer and child molester?

Religious Freedom Restoration Acts

Discrimination Is Not Religious Freedom

Rev. Irene Monroe: The Atlanta-based family-owned fast food fried chicken chain Chick-fil-A can now, with the state’s sanctioning of House Bill 1023, openly and legally discriminate in their hiring practices of Jews, divorcees or LGBTQ people based on their Southern Baptist beliefs.

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Law and Justice

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Los Angeles

Patty Lopez Resign

Is It Time for Patty Lopez to Resign?

Mario Solis-Marich: Beyond the fact that Lopez violated campaign rules and littering ordinances, the incident makes questions about her judgment fair game.

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