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Education Reform

Whoopi Goldberg Tenure

Making Whoopi: Missing the Point in the Tenure Debate

Yohuru Williams: Due to the erroneous understanding of tenure at the K-12 level and its conflation with what university professor earn—many persons such as Whoopi Goldberg have accepted the fallacious argument that tenure protects “bad teachers.”

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Prison Reform

Mass Incarceration Inhumanity

Mass Incarceration’s Real Problem: Inhumanity

Jonathan Simon: We may disagree on who belongs and who does not belong in prison, or on how long prison sentences should be, or what goals those sentences should be meted out to accomplish. But one thing we should not, must not disagree on, is that those prisons should be humane.

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Progressive Issues

Broken Democracy

The Disease of American Democracy

Robert Reich: The monied interests are doing what they do best – making money. The rest of us need to do what we can do best – use our voices, our vigor, and our votes.

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Ecomomic Justice

Electronic Benefits Transfer cards

How Much Would You Spend to Save $19 Million a Year

Paul Tepper and Paulina Gonzalez: About $19 million goes annually to pay bank and ATM fees, rather than to help parents pay for their kids’ needs like co-pays for medicine, school supplies, heating bills, or transportation to work and school.

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Middle East

Borderfree Center


Kathy Kelly: Durable structures of separation and domination make it difficult for many young Afghans to fulfill their longings to connect meaningfully, peacefully, and stably with a saner world united under one blue sky.

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Immigration Reform

Obama Call Congress Back

Should President Obama Call Congress Back?

Brent Budowsky: Obama should take a page from Harry Truman in 1948: Prepare the most expansive executive orders on immigration that his attorneys believe is constitutional and call Congress back into session this month to pass a major program to dramatically increase spending to defend our borders.

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Los Angeles

(l-r) Alex Johnson and George McKenna

LAUSD District 1 Special Election

esterday, we ran a piece written by Anthony Samad regarding the LAUSD District 1 race.  After the article was published, we received several comments that motivated us to remind our readers that the opinions expressed by individual writers are their own and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the LA Progressive. The LA Progressive [...]

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Elections and Campaigns

Big Money Politics

Looping Big Money Around Democracy’s Neck

Jim Hightower: The beauty of our country’s present system of government is that anyone is perfectly free to buy a member of Congress. And isn’t that what democracy is all about?

No Hillary in 2016

Why No Hillary in 2016?

Robin Lakoff: Right now, Clinton’s candidacy is being assessed in a wholly different way – far from “wonderful,” that augury of a post-gendered world, it is now recast as a terrible idea, and Clinton as a terrible candidate.

Mitch McConnell Behind

Mitch McConnell: The Pied Piper of Pandering

Berry Craig: Sen. Mitch McConnell is a master at dog whistle politics. He is also the pied piper of pandering to what one of my union buddies calls “the four Gs – God, guns, gays and government.”

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Animal Rights

North Dakota Wild Horses

Compassion for the Wild Horses of North Dakota

Georgianne Nienaber: The bottom line is that horses are social animals with a very complicated hierarchical network that is especially susceptible to disruption. Sudden culling is an immediate and profound assault on social cohesion.

Santa Monica Animal Exhibits

Expert Calls Santa Monica Animal Exhibits Inhumane

Marcy Winograd: Bekoff refutes arguments that the animal exhibits are educational. “This sends the wrong message that it’s okay to treat animals like this and that they don’t mind being tethered or kept in cages.”

Santa Monica Pony Rides

Followed at Santa Monica’s Farmers Market

Marcy Winograd: The City of Santa Monica needs to outlaw the tethering of ponies, establish an animal welfare commission, and seriously address the deeply felt concerns of neighborhood residents.

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