The Next Presidential Election

It is Senator Barry Goldwater of Arizona, and the year is 1964. He went on to be nominated for President on the Republican ticket, exclaiming in his victory speech: “Extremism in defense of patriotism is no vice!”. He had the rabid ted vaillsupport of members of the John Birch Society, a right wing, anti-Communist group dedicated to preventing Communism from reaching our shores. President Lyndon Johnson, seeking reelection, swamped Goldwater, winning all but six states….

Ted Vaill

As Legislative Assistant to a Congressman, Ted Vaill met Senator Goldwater several times in the 1960s, and found him engaging but not the brightest bulb in the room. Ted is now a recovering lawyer and filmmaker based in Los Angeles.

Published by the LA Progressive on September 3, 2011
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About Ted Vaill

Ted Vaill has been a lawyer in Los Angeles for over 40 years, and is an elected Delegate to the California Democratic Convention from the 50th Assembly District. He is also a filmmaker, and recently posted a video on YouTube entitled "I Would Appreciate It If You Don't Shoot Me."