Progressives Question Winograd-Harman Endorsement Vote

Normon Solomon, Marcy Winograd, Michael Jay

Last weekend at the California Democratic Party (CDP) convention in Los Angeles, Marcy Winograd, Progressive Democratic candidate facing off in the June primary against incumbent blue dog Democratic candidate Jane Harman, through a tremendous grassroots effort was able to push to a floor vote Harman’s endorsement by the CDP.

It is important to note that in California, of all the delegates in a district, two-thirds one third of them are either elected officials or appointees of elected officials. Two-thirds are actually elected by a vote of local Democratic party members. Typically local endorsements are moved right to the annual convention’s consent calendar and the state party’s endorsement follows as almost a fait accompli. Interestingly, Harman’s endorsement for the 36th Congressional District was the only endorsement of 2010 to be challenged by the delegates to the CDP.

In the following video you will witness what started as a skirmish to prevent Harman’s state party endorsement, develop into a battle royale for the very heart and soul of the Democratic Party.

Kevin Lynn

Still photos: Linda Sutton

Published by the LA Progressive on April 25, 2010
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