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H. Scott Prosterman is a writer, humoristm and editor living in Berkeley, California. He was born in the '50s, came of age in the '60s, thrived in the '70's, barely survived the '80's and regrouped in the '90's." He holds a B.A. w/Honors from Rhodes College; an M.A. from The University of Michigan.


  1. In light of the many lies that Bristol has claimed in this case, I strongly feel that a new trial should be brought to court.
    See link in previous comment for details.

  2. honestyingov says:

    I saw your story in a Tweet just now. The Palingates blog has followed the Kernell trial all along. Palin will go to any lengths to lash out an attack ANYONE when she feels she has been slighted.

    Have you read the Palingates post that went up just yesterday about the Trial? The VISUAL proof and both Bristol and Sarah’s Court transcript testimony seems to show that they perjured themselves under oath just to make sure this young 20 yo Kid would get punished.
    What a role Model for her OWN 20 yo Kid.. huh. She has no empathy for ANYONE.


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