Sarah Palin and the Tea Party

Charles Hayes, author of September University said, “those of us who do not do the intellectual work required by citizenship in a democracy may simply depend upon the ideas of those we deem wise enough to think for us.”  Judging from the images that have been circulating from the TeaParty rallies, there are plenty of people in our country who continue to avoid the intellectual work that’s needed to be informed, how else can we explain the buzz that continues to follow Sarah Palin. 

If it weren’t for the potential harm stirred up by the rhetoric at these rallies, these scenes would be comical.  They’re certainly great fodder for late night T.V.  But this past week, following the passage of the healthcare bill, several offices of democratic politicians were vandalized and there was at least one death threat (see the video below).

Regardless of your political persuasion, those of us who stand on the side of civility and true sharing of ideas cannot sit on the sidelines and allow these rallies to gain the kind of credance that is given to them by Faux News.

The Right dominates AM talk radio and Fox News but progressives dominate alternative media and we can be a force to be reconned with when we use the media to get out our message.

If, after watching the video below, you decide that the TeaParty movement is nothing to be concerned about then do nothing.  But if you want to counter the affects this movement is having, there a some things you can do. Here are a few:

  1. April 6th is LA Net Neautrality Action Day – contact congressional representatives Joe Baca and Loretta Sanchez and let them know you support Net Neutrality. For more information call Common Cause 213-252-4552. Click to learn more about the term Net Neutrality.
  2. Share this article.  You can do this by clicking the word “share” at the bottom of the article. A window will open that offers several ways to share.
  3. Offer suggestions to other progressives by leaving a comment.
  4. Let us know about other opportunities, events, books etc. that provide meaningful information for voters.
  5. Read Charles Hayes piece, Coffee Time: Reason, Bigotry, and Tea Party Angst. Support writers by commenting and forwarding their articles.
  6. Find out about the Coffee Party movement

Sharon Kyle
Publisher, LAProgressive

Published by the LA Progressive on March 28, 2010
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Sharon Kyle, J.D. is the Publisher of the LA Progressive which she co-founded with her husband Dick Price. Ms. Kyle is an adjunct professor of law at Peoples College in Los Angeles. She sits on the board of the ACLU Pasadena/Foothills Chapter and is on the editorial board of the Photo courtesy Wadeva Images.