Marianne Williamson Sister Giant Conference – November 10 – 11, 2012

Marianne Williamson Sister Giant Conference

Marianne Williamson Teams with

The Women’s Campaign School at Yale University

to Create

SISTER GIANT, 2 DAY Symposium to Empower Women to Run for Political Office,

November 10-11, 2012

Saban Theatre

8440 Wilshire Boulevard, Beverly Hills, CA 90211
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WHO: New York Times bestselling author Marianne Williamson partners with The Women’s Campaign School at Yale University to produce a non-partisan symposium dedicated to empowering women to run for political office, with an emphasis on the intersection of politics and spirituality.
Sister Giant puts out a special call to women to consider candidacy for political office. It is a non-partisan, unabashedly spiritual and progressive symposium. Its goal is to promote gender equality in political leadership, at a time when the US Congress is comprised of only 16.8 percent women, and State legislatures are comprised of 23.6 percent women. 
WHEN: November 10-11, 2012
WHERE: Saban Theater
8440 Wilshire Boulevard  Beverly Hills, CA 90211
 (323) 655-0111
WHAT:  Sister Giant hot topics include but are not limited to:
Child Poverty
At a rate of 23.1% child poverty in the United States ranks second highest among 35 developed nations (second only to Romania).
Prisons as a Growth Industry
The US currently incarcerates more of our people than any nation in the world, or any nation in history.
Democracy Imperiled
Without a Constitutional Amendment to override the effects of the Supreme Court decision “Citizens United” money will continue to wield increasingly undue influence on American politics.
Powerhouse Guest Speakers are:
Symposium Hostess; Author of 13 books on spirituality and culture.
Author of: “SWAGGER: Ten Urgent Rules for Raising Boys in an Era of Failing Schools, Mass Joblessness, and Thug Culture”
Executive Direction of CLUE- California (Clergy and Laity United for Economic Justice), a statewide faith-based organization, that advocates for workers and immigrants rights.
Author, philosopher and leadership consultant to the United Nations Development Program.
Candidate for the State House of Representatives in Oklahoma.
Founder of Sally’s List.
President of the Women’s Campaign School at Yale.
Feminist Author and Lecturer and ecological activist.
Professor of Law at UCLA and author of:  GUNFIGHT: The Battle Over the Right to Bear Arms in America.
Women’s Campaign School Yale University; Executive Consultant

Sister Giant Marianne Williamson


Published by the LA Progressive on November 9, 2012
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