Pot Pharms: Responsible Dispensaries or Roach Motels?

medical marijuana

Jon Zerolnick: The City of Los Angeles has steadfastly refused to provide a firm regulatory scheme in which these responsible players can operate—and which would allow the city to then shut down all of the quick-buck profit-takers.

Cut the Real Wasteful Government Spending

ronald reagan's star wars missile defense program

Mark Dempsey: The U.S. currently spends more than the rest of the world combined on its military but less than 2% of its budget on humanitarian aid, even if clean water would do more to promote peace.

Our House: The Potential to Build Something Beautiful Is Badly Tarnished

Our House

Charley James and Lulu Demaine: A half-dozen former addicts, ex-offenders and homeless people living together in an abandoned Brooklyn building makes for a sad Hot Docs entry in search of a theme – and a purpose.

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