Friday Feedback: Freedom from Fossil Fuels

Chernobyl today

Friday Feedback: The “fact” is we cannot wean ourselves from fossil fuel because there is nothing to replace it in terms of scalability. It is woven into the fabric of almost every aspect of our existence.

Community Organizer Obama Asks Activists: “Where’s Your Base”?


Some activists excited about Barack Obama’s community organizing background forget what this fully means – namely, that he expects groups seeking progressive measures to mobilize their base. Community organizers do not expect politicians to challenge entrenched interests absent grassroots pressure, and President Obama is not about to spend political capital on issues like Afghanistan, the […]

Obama Finds Pony: Sets Forth Plans on Healthcare, Alternative Energy, Education


Only President Barack Obama could keep digging in a barn filled to the roof line with manure and find a brand new pony. Yet that is what the country and indeed the world needed in his non-State of the Union budget speech Tuesday night to a joint session of the US Congress. Talk is cheap, […]

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