L.A. Denies Chalk Walk Permit, Occupy LA Proceeds with Plans

chalk buckets

Cheryl Aichele: “If you have money or power or permits you can get away with activities otherwise deemed illegal by the City for Occupiers”.

Jewish Federation Puts Kibosh on Extremist Islamophobe Pamela Geller

pamela geller

Linda Milazzo: Discussions between Jews, particularly relative to Israel, have broken up friendships – even families. As long as haters like Pamela Geller have venues to preach, the gap will grow even wider.

May Day Los Angeles

May Day Los Angeles

May Day was observed all over the nation with marches, rallies, sit-ins and demonstrations occurring simultaneously in all of the major metropolitan areas including Los Angeles. Dick and I spent a good deal of the day in the streets of downtown Los Angeles.

The Myth of the Overtaxed Europeans

Comedy Congress

Steven Hill: In return for their taxes, Europeans get valuable support systems like childcare, senior care, university tuition and healthcare. Americans must pay exorbitantly, out-of-pocket, for these support services often going without because the cost is prohibitive.

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