Help Fight the Right ‘s Attack on LAANE

laane faces

Madeline Janis: The attack against LAANE is consistent with the broader effort by the right to cripple progressive causes and leaders. And as the recent assault on Planned Parenthood reminds us, they are willing to do almost anything to achieve their aim.

Could Consume-atives Be Deficient?


Adam Eran: Consume-atives proclaim we should cut something but seldom propose anything specific. The plan is for bankruptcy court to sort that out, rather than making consume-atives a target for blame. “Take 10% off the top” is another, meaningless Republican proposal in recent budget negotiations. What does that mean, though? Let 10% of the prisoners out? Only treat 90% of the sewage?

Scandal City: Betraying Kids, Ripping off the Public, Going Broke . . . LA’s Bad Karma


“Padilla, now a state senator, did not return phone calls Thursday” — Daily News. The fiasco of the LA Children’s Museum is now visible for all to see, a tragedy that began with then City Council President Alex Padilla’s demand — that everyone in power went along with — to locate what was supposed to […]

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