The 2012 Election: Freedom, Justice, Fairness, and Opportunity

obama biden

Walter Moss: What is troubling is that most conservatives still believe that the chief way to more equality of opportunity is cutting back on government programs and reducing taxes, especially for the wealthy.

A Vicious Freedom Embraced: How America Has Shunned True Messengers

emma goldman

Kathleen Peine: Emma Goldman’s speeches would be at home at an Occupy Camp or as a rebuttal to the radical right’s latest assaults.

The American Taliban

american taliban

Jim Rhodes: Not since 9-11 has the United States witnessed such callous demigods hellbent on destroying individual liberty as currently being showcased in the Republican primaries.

Capitalism Is the Enemy of Democracy

occupy la arrest

David Kristjanson-Gural: Excluding people from having a say over what happens to the wealth we create is the first and the most fundamental way that any capitalist system undermines democracy. We are fundamentally disenfranchised in the places we work.

The Separation of Church and State Is Rooted in American Christianity

johann neem

Johann Neem: Some Americans today believe that the separation of church and state is a threat to Christianity. But historian Johann Neem argues that Americans in the era of the Revolution promoted the idea of separation of church and state as a way to protect Christianity. They supported separation precisely because they were Christians.

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