Ryan, Rand, Romney

ryan romney ticket

Charles Hayes: The hate your government virus has become the bubonic plague of American politics. Thanks largely to Congressman Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney’s chosen running mate, the ghost of Ayn Rand is spooking the electorate.

A Vicious Freedom Embraced: How America Has Shunned True Messengers

emma goldman

Kathleen Peine: Emma Goldman’s speeches would be at home at an Occupy Camp or as a rebuttal to the radical right’s latest assaults.

Misguided Disciple: Paul Ryan in the Shadow of Ayn Rand

ayn rand

Charles Hayes: At the core of Rand’s philosophy is a psychopathic contempt for the kind of people who constitute the majority of Americans. The fact that a budget prepared by one of her disciples sanctions a war against poor people should not be a surprise.

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