Turning a New Leaf in Prison

Life Sentences for Juveniles

Johnny Martinez: I found the father figure and brotherhood I was seeking in a group of street thugs. Eventually, I joined a gang and began using drugs. The first drug I used was marijuana, followed later by heavier drugs such as cocaine and PCP.

My Friend Todd Ashker

todd askher

Denis O’Hearn: I know him as a thoughtful human being who has dedicated his life to peaceful change, to helping his fellow prisoners by learning the law and sharing his knowledge.

Hunger Strike

pelican bay

Jonathan Simon: In California’s SHU, scores of prisoners have served more than twenty years of such conditions, and hundreds for more than ten.

Dead Under the “Custody and Care” of…


Bruce Reilly: Christian Gomez was one of thousands in California struggling for things such as food, sunlight, and changes to the segregation policies — the everyday torture in America’s prisons.