The Prison Industrial Complex

For-profit prison companies, businesses that supply goods and services to prisons, politicians who benefit by trying to appear "tough on crime", a misdirected "war on drugs" and other forces have merged to create the largest incarcerated population in human history right here in the land of the free - the United States of America. The articles on this page explore this issue.

LA County Jail Tour


Nyabingi Kuti: After touring the LA County Jail I concluded that the condition were so inhumane that If the arrestees didn’t have mental problems when they arrived, there’s a good chance they’d develop mental problems before leaving.

Sara Kruzan’s Small Step


Dick Price: Make no mistake, for Sara Kruzan—raised by a drug-addicted mother, gang raped and turned out as a prostitute at 13, sentenced to life without parole at 17 for killing that pimp—her release today on parole in Orange County after serving 19 years in prison is a big step.