Californians Oppose Expanded Fracking

don't frack california

Dan Bacher: As the oil industry expands its role in California politics and environmental processes, you can bet that they are going to use every avenue they can to get more water for fracking.

New Americans: A Springboard for California’s Economy


Earlier this year, the Washington Post reported that analysts across the country have been worried that the economic crisis has fueled an increase in hate groups and racist, anti-immigrant rhetoric.  With its large immigrant population and current economic woes, California is in the belly of the beast.  Yet, while many restrictionists and anti-immigrant groups are […]

Digital Divide Most Pronounced With Latinos

Latino Boy

The Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) has released a massive survey today that shows just how important the internet has become to most Californians’ lives and has major implications as to how Californians are getting their information about their communities, news in general and political news, variable access to the internet by different demographic […]

Failure on California High School Exit Exam Can Be Predicted as Early as the Fourth Grade

Frank Russo

As we celebrate graduations from high schools all across California, the Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) has released a sobering study, “Predicting Success, Preventing Failure: An Investigation of the California High School Exit Exam,” that shows that by the 4th grade those students who will pass or fail the California High School Exit Exam […]

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