Public School Reform Won’t Solve Income Inequality

income inequality

Mark Naison: We can do a lot more to promote racial and economic equality through programs of progressive taxation, promotion of unionization in low wage enterprises, and efforts to uproot discrimination in the labor market.

The Surge We Need At Home


America is a mess. Unemployment is over 10 percent, while the effective unemployment rate—which also includes the underemployed—is more like 19.2 percent.

What Took You So Long to Figure It Out? Bush Has Always Been Rotten Even When He Had a 91% Approval Rating


They are trying so very hard it is almost sad, in a way—were it not for all the broke people, and scared people. And dead people. It’s the Bush people, including Mr. Bush himself, trying to gather up some shreds of dignity before they are out the door. Their final con game: “We did a [...]

Who Lost the Election?


by Eric Ekstrand – The results of the election of Tuesday, November 4th, were more than the elevation of a singularly talented, skilled, and visionary statesman, Barack Obama, to our highest office; more than the ultimate display of the progress this country has made towards civil rights and justice; more than a victory for the [...]

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