Some argue that there has never been a time in American history when there was a greater divide between the two major political parties. Certainly since the inauguration of President Barack Obama in 2008 there has been an unprecedented lack of cooperation between the two sides. The articles on this page give some insight into the bones of contention the GOP has raised to justify the positions they've taken since the swearing in of President Barack Obama.

Black Is More Than a Skin Color


Sheria Reid: Tea Party Republicans have figured out if they have their own black folks, in limited numbers of course, then they can refute the accusations of racism and proudly declare, “We have our own black people; we’re not racists!”

Rand Paul’s Putin Problem

rand paul putin

Brent Budowsky: One moment Paul says he might support a military attack against Iran. Then he implies he might accept a nuclear-armed Iran and follow a policy of containment. Then he says he won’t tell us what policy he prefers, comparing himself to Ronald Reagan.

Mitch’s Tough Out


Berry Craig: The other day, Grimes swatted another one into the cheap seats after McConnell got the expected NRA endorsement. She promptly tweeted a renewal of her months-old challenge to the senate minority leader to meet her on a gun range.

Politics and the Water’s Edge


Lance Simmens: With the blunt force obstructionism of ultra-right conservative politics and a nearly total breakdown in comity and civility comes a disturbing brand of hubris from the right that sounds more like sour grapes than sober analysis.

A Truce on Moral Superiority


Tina Dupuy: If homosexuality ceased to be considered a sin and all Americans were judged by the content of their character instead of whom they love, it’d be hard for Republicans to find people to be morally superior to.

Are the Kochs Just Preaching to the Choir?


Berry Craig: In Center Right America, politically, religiously and socially, the U.S. is the most conservative Western industrial democracy.


Conservatives Love Vladimir Putin

Lance Simmens: Ultra-conservative orthodoxy and its deep penetration into our political system have weakened the country more than any perceived Obama “weakness.”

Mitch McConnell’s Mike Dukakis Misfire?


Mitch McConnell Misfire: McConnell figured the CPAC rifle-toting would earn him precious bona fides with skeptical tea partiers.

Dysfunction, Inc.


It is absurdly ironic that Chairman Darrell Issa’s committee is technically identified as one devoted to government reform.

GOP Loves Vladimir Putin


Vladimir Putin combines all the decisiveness of the no-apology Bush with all the Winter Olympics accolades of no-apology Mitt Romney.

Paul Ryan Is a Liar and Charlatan, Not a Serious “Policy Wonk”


Paul Ryan Policy Wonk: Yes, he’s chair of the House Budget Committee, but that just means he’s an ambitious pol, not a smart policy maven.

Who Is the Tea Party, Anyway?


Tea Party Candidates: These older, overwhelmingly white evangelical Christians believe America is in a downward spiral toward socialism.

Bullying Is Not Tough


Chris Christie Bully: Christie makes a mockery of the tough guy branding he has so assiduously cultivated during his political career.

GOP Benghazi Syndrome


Brent Budowsky: The Republican Party tends to define itself almost exclusively by the political opponents it obsessively despises and government policies it compulsively obstructs.

“President Chris Christie”: How’s That Sound Now?


President Chris Christie — The George Washington Bridge scandal is just a smaller version of the Washington GOP’s government shutdown.

10 Chris Christie Failed Policies


Chris Christie Scandal — If the media scrutinizes Christie’s track record, they’ll find that Christie is a reckless right-winger.

Is Mia Love Poised to Make a Political Comeback?


Mia Love — It is expected that this black woman would counter the narrative of the Republican Party as a whites-only club.

Let’s Drug Test Lawmakers Who Force the Poor to Take Drug Tests

War on Drugs6

Jim Hightower: Pandering at all costs to the tea party fringe that dominates Republican elections, state lawmakers won’t let go of this demonstrably-bad idea of trying to humiliate people in need of a helping hand.

Does the Dairy State’s Union-Buster-in-Chief Want to Be President?


Berry Craig: Lately, Walker has been boosting his political profile by hustling his new book in which he brags on his union-busting. Some folks wonder if he’s really testing the waters for a presidential run.

Lindsey Graham’s Perpetual Pathos


Tom Degan: Poor old Lindsey obviously doesn’t have much of a stomach for non-fiction these days. That seems to be a chronic state as far as the right wing is concerned.

The Beauty of the Liberal Arts


Steve Hochstadt: So why does the right wing hate institutions of higher education? One reason is that many courses deal with subjects that make extreme conservatives uncomfortable. Biologists teach evolution, not creationism. Scientists believe that global warming is caused by human action. Men and women are treated equally in the content of our courses.

Will GOP Obstructionism Trigger Nuclear Option?


David Love: The blocking of Rep. Watt speaks volumes about Republican opposition to President Obama.

Sanity Test for Congress Critters?


Jim Hightower: I know you don’t have to be smart or logical to be in Congress, but surely a lawmaker ought to be more tightly-wrapped than this bunch.

Tom Delay, Ted Cruz: Brothers Under the Skin


Victoria Defrancesco Soto: The change in the political culture that gave birth to the likes of Ted Cruz comes down to one man: Tom DeLay. And now Cruz is enjoying the fruits of DeLay’s labor.

Is There Intelligent Life Among Republicans?


Richard Striner The shutdown has given Americans enough of a foretaste to see the Republicans as they are: deluded.

Shut It Down, Don’t Shut It Down: Republicans Can’t Make Up Their Mind


Julie Driscoll: if Republicans truly think Obamacare is going to end life as we know it, one would think they’d be truly happy to “own” this shutdown which was the ostensible reason they shut down the government to begin with.

Apocalyptic Christian Theology’s Role in Government Shutdown


Anthea Butler: the Republican Party is a new religious movement: A religion that relies on a Jesus that says affordable health care is wrong, being poor is your own fault, and that anyone who says otherwise doesn’t believe in Freedom, the founders, or the American People.

Will the Great Recession Create the Newer Deal?


Claude Fischer: If the Great Depression brought support for the New Deal, should not the Great Recession bring support for a Newer Deal?

Slapping the Poor Just for the Hell of It


Jim Hightower: In a gratuitous act of callousness, the GOP slashed $4 billion-a-year out of the food stamp program, complaining that even though our economy is recovering, more and more people are getting food assistance.

Harry Reid Blasts Banana Republican Shutdown; House GOP Centrists Begin to Revolt

gop waterfall

Brent Budowsky: The Banana Republicans in the House have gotten their wish, shut the government down, hurt America, and brought the GOP one step closer to Democrats regaining control of the House.

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