The Trans Pacific Partnership or TPP is a set of agreements being worked on by hundreds of multinational corporations and trade associations. Many oppose the talks because they have been conducted in secret, behind closed doors because, many argue that they intend to void American laws that protect workers, jobs, health, and the environment. The articles below offer the progressive perspective of TPP.

People and Planet Before Profits


Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers: We are poised to stop these attempts to rig the international economy in favor of multinational corporations and move to a new model of trade that respects the rights of people and nature, but it will take a coordinated effort.

Voices Raised Against Secret Trade Deal


Lance Simmens: Mr. President this is not the way to conduct the people’s business. You ran saying that you opposed fast track authority and yet here it is. You ran on the platform of transparency in policy making and yet here it isn’t.

Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) and the Sierra Club

TPPA Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement

Inge: The corporations own us. This seems to me the kind of news the press would want to inform the public about, but then I remembered, the media are owned by the same corporations who are pushing to have more rights than the countries involved. Silly me!

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