Friday Feedback: Whither Sustainability?

Friday Feedback: “How do we take seriously his advice to deemphasize material consumption?” ANSWER: By personally taking seriously his advice -getting kicks from living life, not collecting or wasting goods. In some cases new technology is already massively helping: instead of humongous material resources to move people or goods, we can much more readily move information.

Friday Feedback: Ignoring Lessons

At the present rate, historians will be speaking of the dozen years of the OBushma administrations. It’s getting very fast to look as if the only thing that MIGHT save the Obama presidency for a second term is the Gop death wish to nominate Ms Death Panel – i.e. Ms Death Palin – herself.

Friday Feedback: A Nondescript “Balanced” Approach

nd at home, from the likes of Salazar and Vilsack, we get a nondescript ‘balanced’ approach to environmental stresses – kind of like my adolescent son’s diet – half health food, half junk food.

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