White House Report Focuses on Women and Tipped Wage Jobs


Nia-Malika Henderson: Expect to hear more about hiking the tipped minimum wage as Democrats debate the issue and look for areas of compromise with red state Democrats up for reelection and also with Republicans.

Sex Strike: Don’t Give It To a Russian


Tara Culp-Ressler: The new campaign, “Don’t Give It to a Russian,” is encouraging Ukrainian women to withhold sex from Russian men as a method of fighting the enemy “by whatever means.”

Serving the Women Who Served


Diane Lefer: A high percentage of homeless women vets suffer from Military Sexual Trauma or are survivors of domestic violence. Because male veterans so outnumber females, a woman may find herself alone and isolated in the settings intended to help her.

Keep Bossy, Ban Pink Ribboning


Tina Dupuy: The problem with Pink Ribboning is it alleviates alarm by giving people something easy yet empty to do. It softens the concerned, warding off a real response. Done. Next issue.

Ida B. Wells, Feminist Public Menace


Sikivu Hutchinson: There is little mainstream feminist discourse linking black women’s historical erasure with their criminalization; no women’s rights outrage over how the disfigurement of black women’s image buttresses mass incarceration.

International Empty Platitude Day: Where’s Emma Goldman When You Need Her?


International Womens Day: Can I get a piñata? Is mail delivered? Are bras optional? Do women in South Africa get a no rapin’ pass that day?

The Secret Strategy Behind 20-Week Abortion Bans


Tara Culp-Ressler: The political momentum for 20-week abortion bans is really about finding an initial foothold to chip away at Roe v. Wade.

A Rift Among Senate Women: It’s About Time


Senate Women: Now, it’s the Senate as cat fight in the cafeteria — as much a caricature of women lawmakers as hand-holding besties.

Why Does the US Still Have So Few Women in Office?


Women in Office: At the current rate of progress, it will take nearly 500 years for women to reach fair representation in government.

Robin Thicke’s All Wet: Sexual Aggression Doesn’t Actually Have Blurred Lines


Sexual Aggression: Researchers found that sexually aggressive men are consciously seeking out women who may be easy targets.

Sexual Violence in War: ‘Not a Second-Class Crime’

Zainab Hawa Bangura

Sexual Violence in War: We believe that 95% of the victims are women—but evidence is coming out that we have men who are sexually abused.

ACLU Warns That Latest Push to Restrict Abortion Is an ‘Assault On Women’


Alabama Abortion Bill: Alabama politicians are upfront about their goal of this package of legislation is to end abortion altogether.

Lawmakers Pressure The U.S. Government To Get Better At Cracking Down On Campus Rape


Preventing Campus Rape — Congress’ push to improve the way the government handles sexual assaults comes on after Obama’s announcement.

How History Has Changed


Gender Balance in Academia — The unquestioned dominance of white men in America is long gone, in the history profession in particular.

Can Wendy Davis Break Up Texas’ Boys Club?


Victoria Defrancesco Soto: Republicans are fighting hard to keep alive the rotary phone days with a cast of ultra conservative white males seeking to defeat Davis and her running mate, Leticia Van de Putte.

Rape Crisis on College Campuses

University of Connecticut wide

Victoria Defrancesco Soto: College is supposed to be a place where young women go to flourish, not be put in harm’s way.  But this past week seven University of Connecticut students reminded us of the underbelly of sexual violence within our colleges.

How Jock Culture Supports Rape Culture, From Maryville to Steubenville


Dave Zirin: Jock culture left to its own devices is rape culture. If you are a coach or parent not trying to intervene in this culture to teach young men to not rape, then you are doing everyone a grave disservice.

Improving LA City Council’s Sexual Harassment Policies

California NOW

Patty Bellasalma, president of the California National Organization for Women (NOW) issues an open letter to Los Angeles City Council regarding sexual harassment policy

Abortion Can Cross Party Lines, at Least for Women

senator wendy davis

Victoria Defrancesco Soto: The political take-home for Wendy Davis and others like her is that some Republican women may just cross over and vote Democratic.

Stop Picking on Single Mothers

single mpom

Nick Capo: Most single mothers or functionally single mothers need a society that will provide help—ample funding for parental leave, prenatal care, child support, and day care.

Hillary Haters and Huma: We Ain’t Seen Nuthin’ Yet

huma and hillary

Martha Burk: We’re (still) being forced to swim in the muck of Anthony Weiner’s sextcapades, and now we know who’s at fault. It’s Hillary Clinton.

Why America’s Relentless Assault on Abortion?


Ruth Rosen: Along with changes in technology, politics, and debates over late-term abortions, attitudes towards women’s sexual freedom is one important reason that abortion, and not same-sex marriage, still remains the most divisive social issue in American political culture.

Fighting the Brutal Crackdown on Reproductive Health Care

stop patriarchy

Sikivu Hutchinson: The current climate of Christian fascist anti-abortion terrorism is a mortal threat to communities of color and all working class people nationwide.

The Female Decade

michelle obama

Brent Budowsky: This century and very possibly this decade will witness the first female president while the number of women in Congress is soaring and the epic battle for pay equity will continue to escalate until equal pay is achieved.

Texas Women, American Women, Global Women and the War Against Women

wendy davis

Brent Budowsky: Big things are happening in Texas, America and the world. Women are advancing on many fronts, and women are increasingly playing important leadership roles. The issues far transcend abortion.

The Lone Star State’s War on Latinas

latino voters

Victoria Defrancesco Soto: Texas has become the latest battleground on the larger Republican War on Women. However, because of the state’s demographics Latinas are disproportionately in the cross-hairs of this war.

The Culture Wars are Alive and Kickin’

wendy davis

Joseph Palermo: In Texas, Governor Rick Perry, the Religious Right, and their Republican allies, following Democratic state Senator Wendy Davis’s courageous filibuster last week, are literally working overtime to criminalize women’s reproductive rights.

Pink Sneakers Cushion a Will for Women’s Rights

wendy davis filibuster

Walter and Rosemary Brasch: State Sen. Wendy Davis, a Democrat and a 50-year-old Harvard graduate lawyer, put on a pair of comfortable pink sneakers this week, and talked for more than 11 hours to block an oppressive Republican-sponsored bill to kill almost all of the state’s medical abortion clinics and impose their governmental will upon all women.

California NOW Denounces Gov Brown’s Attempts to Weaken Domestic Violence Penal Code

jerry brown

Patty Bellasalma: California NOW is waging a very public campaign to call on Gov Brown to remove the provision in the budget bill that eliminates domestic violence enforcement.

Women Leaders: Make Closing Walmart Loophole Top Priority

yes on ab 880

Sara Flocks: Today in Sacramento, women leaders in the legislature came together with women workers and California NOW to declare protecting women’s health by passing AB 880 a top priority for women this year.

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