Tea Party America’s Al-Qaeda?

tea partyIt came to me in an epiphany that the Tea “Party” is  simply America’s Al-Qaeda. Let’s look at this movement. The Tea Party, like Al-Qeada, has no head but rather is run by many small groups (cells). It, like Al-Qeada, is ultra-conservative with each group deciding what essential documents (like the Qur’an) mean. For example, the Tea “Party” picks which parts of the Constitution are really “American”.

The Tea “Party”, like Al-Qeada, advocates killing leaders with whom they disagree (see Nevada). The Tea “Party”, like Al-Qeada, hates homosexuals and women who think outside of their “family values”.

The Tea “Party”, like Al-Qaeda, is willing to use hate and lies and half truths to make its points. The Tea “Party” leaders use the media to show how successful they are by publishing false pictures of their gatherings (thanks Glenn Beck). The Tea “Party” has no purpose except like Al-Qaeda to overthrow the US Government and assure the failure of the present US President and our Country.

My conclusion – the Tea “Party” is America’s Al-Qaeda!

So it is time to treat them like we do Al-Qaeda

  • First, ignore them. That is what Republicans did with Al-Qaeda for years, saying that they had no place in the American discussion of world politics.
  • Second, negotiate with them. That is what the Republicans did with Al-Qeada when Bush Senior was in office.
  • Finally, finance them. That is what is what Bush and Raygun did when they were in office.

These successful tactics helped assure that Al-Qaeda went the way of the dinosaur! Of course I am being facetious.

So here is the question of the day: When will the Democratic Party and its allies step forth and fight the Tea Party terrorists?

IWe know we can’t ignore them; they will only grow stronger. We can’t negotiate with tTerrorists. We can’t persuade them to change their minds. Moreover, they are raising hundreds of millions of dollars on the Internet.

Come on, America. Regardless of what real Political Party you are a member, we have to come together to protect our American rights and our future.

But I know that the Al-Qaeda Tea party is safe. Why? Because Democratic voters and true American voters will do nothing. They won’t walk precincts . They won’t call their friends and other voters to urge them to vote against the insanity of the Tea Party.

They wont work in this election. Because, after all, who needs health care — only the illegals are going to benefit? Who needs education — only the illegals, and who needs jobs — there aren’t any because the illegals have them all?


I agree with Steven Colbert that the only way to fight illegal aliens is to stop eating fruits and vegetables and stop all work in America!

This way we will be, well, dead.

So, America, don’t join the labor walks tomorrow. Don’t vote for any Democratic candidates — after all, they are nothing but people who don’t believe in the Al-Qarda version of the Constitution, I mean Tea Party.

PS The epiphany came from the wife.

Steven J. Ybarra

Published by the LA Progressive on September 29, 2010
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