The Year’s Best Political Videos

I am certain a few of your favorites were left out. These were the best moments of the campaign. There are no adverts because nothing could trump the candidate in their own words and that was the big difference in this campaign. All of us had unprecedented access to every word, speech and moment thanks to YouTube. For me, the just-released ‘new’ theme song for The West Wing leads this list of top favorites as we get ready in 17 days to usher in a new Administration.

Denis Campbell

Denis Campbell is a US journalist based in the United Kingdom. He contributes to newspapers and magazines, is a BBC Radio election commentator and publishes the daily e-magazine The Vadimus Post from the Latin Quo Vadimus – where are we headed and do we know why?

The REAL West Wing!

Getting Down with Ellen

Finding his voice in South Carolina

Yes We Can

Philadelphia speech – A More Perfect Union

Convention Acceptance Speech

Our First Lady

Dave is stood up.

Sarah and Katie, guess whose career was boosted?

Le MisBarack – One Day More

President-Elect Obama

Published by the LA Progressive on January 5, 2009
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About Denis Campbell

Denis Campbell is a US journalist and entrepreneur based in the United Kingdom . He is Editor-in-Chief of, a frequent BBC political and business contributor, writes for publications around the globe and is a partner in Target Point Ltd a business innovation consultancy bringing examples of the best practices from the recent campaign to businesses and campaigns.

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