What Was the Top News Story of 2009

Ten years ago, at about this time, we were experiencing various degrees of concern over Y2K. People were stocking up on canned goods, filling up their gas tanks, withdrawing money from bank accounts, even stocking up on that all-purpose duct tape for reasons that are beyond us. But shortly after we ushered in the new millennium, we found that the nightmare many forecasted was not to be.

Turns out there was a nightmare on the horizon; it just had nothing to do with Y2K. Unfortunately, the selection of George W. Bush and the domino affect it’s had on our country and our world is still with us.

Ten years ago, the story dominating the headlines was Y2K. In 2009, according to Yahoo, the story that dominated in terms of searches online was — wait for it — Michael Jackson’s death! Not the economic meltdown, not the healthcare debate, not even the inauguration of the first black president of the United States!

Give us your opinion.  What was your top news story of 2009.  Use the comments field below to answer or fill in this simple poll.

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Published by the LA Progressive on December 27, 2009
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