Wisconsin: Overwhelming Ironies

governor scott walkerIt’s impossible to think of another situation so utterly bathed in irony as the battle in and about the attack on unions by Wisconsin’s Tea Party millionaire governor, Scott Walker, and other Republicans of his ilk.

That is, bathed in irony and wrapped in hypocrisy.

Damned near everyone involved, certainly almost every Republican in any way involved, should be covering his or her head in shame.

Yet the situation presents us with the first faint glimmer of hope for an awakened American public that we’ve seen in years.

First, there is Walker, whose office was pretty much purchased for him by big-polluting scofflaws David and Charles Koch. Walker just gave away tax breaks to his state’s super rich that almost equal the amount of money he is trying now to take from his state’s employees. And he says the savings from pay, pensions, health care and such is an absolute necessity if Wisconsin is to avoid bankruptcy.

Got that? The already fabulously rich were handed still more wealth, for no reason whatever other than Walker believes in oligarchy, and what they were given must be taken away from people who work for a living. Irony. Hypocrisy on a monumental scale.

Now think of Tunisia, Egypt and the rest of the Middle East, where people are fighting and, in many cases, dying to gain basic human and political rights, while in this country our super-rich are doing their considerable best to take all political power from the hands of the people and are abetted in that by many of the people whose rights they are stomping on.

Then there are President Barack Obama and a rapidly growing host of Democratic politicians from all over the country who are “speaking out” (as the corporate media put it) to denounce the attack of Walker and fellow Wisconsin Republicans on their state employees.

Most of those same Democrats, recently aided by that same president, have been busily helping Republicans gut unions and slash the income and living standards of working Americans for decades.

They still are busy as north country beavers working on legislation and policies to make poor and middles class Americans pay for the crimes of big-money bankers and brokers. Meanwhile those same big-money people — the ones who almost brought down the American economy and did cost the American people billions of dollars and countless jobs — wallow in multi-million dollar annual bonuses like Scrooge McDuck wallowing in his money bin.

Goldman Sachs defrauded the public and crashed the economy? Let’s hire those guys for the Obama administration and, in the meantime, do away with government programs that allow middle class Americans to buy homes. Huh Mr. President? That’ll show ‘em.

Irony. Hypocrisy almost beyond comprehension.

Published by the LA Progressive on February 24, 2011
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