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Elections and Campaigns

Marco Rubio Candidacy

Marco Rubio’s Flat Earth Minstrelsy

Sikivu Hutchinson: Banking on his bright-eyed, bushy-tailed persona and Latino heritage, Rubio’s brownface antics are offensive to millions of undocumented, working class people of color who see nothing but nativist anti-immigrant hysteria and capitalist greed oozing from the GOP’s platform.

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For-Profit Colleges

Collapse of For-Profit “College” Empire Victimizes Students and Taxpayers

Larry Wines: The failure of the Corinthian/Everest empire is a tragedy for those 16,000 students who are left holding the bag to repay student loans for classes and programs they cannot complete – and that they must repay without the benefit of the education they sought to be qualified for better-paying jobs.

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Aging Population

A Rhapsody of Falling Apart

Charles Hayes: Because of our aging population, we are facing an economic and human needs train wreck of epic proportions.

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Progressive Issues

Dyson Criticizes West

What, Black “Leaders” Have to Agree on Everything?

Dyson vs. West: Black ‘leaders’ have never agreed on everything – and that’s OK an’t we all just get along? Better yet, when it comes to black intellectuals, can’t we agree to disagree? After all, it’s not as if black leaders and thinkers always have agreed on everything. In an extensive essay in The New […]

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Immigration Reform

Migration As A Human Right

Migration as a Universal Human Right

Alvaro Huerta: If migration is certain and constant, why do so many Americans and their leaders, particularly conservatives, fuss about Latino immigration to the United States?

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Economic Justice


Scapegoat Economics 2015

Richard Wolff: Governors in the US now increasingly attack state employees, their unions and pensions as if they, rather than the crisis, had suddenly become the economic problem.

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Foreign Policy

Fast Track the TPP

Trans-Pacific Partnership: Death of the Republic

Ellen Brown: Negotiating the TPP in secret and fast-tracking it through Congress is considered necessary to secure its passage, since if the public had time to review its onerous provisions, opposition would mount and defeat it.

Stop Trans Pacific Partnership

TPP: “Now Or Never” for the American Way of Life

Lisa Goldwag Kassner: TPP is being negotiated in secrecy among the U.S. and 11 other countries, representing roughly 40% of the global economy. As a trade agreement, TPP’s terms would be binding on all 12 countries, and TPP would override U.S. federal, state, and local laws.

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Social Justice

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Law and Justice

Contempt of Cop

Contempt of Cop

Cheryl Dorsey: Why would an officer feel justified in shooting someone simply because they ran? I’ll tell you why—because over the years these officers have been able to get away with murder, literally.

Deadbeat Dads

End the War on Deadbeat Dads

Tina Dupuy: What Scott’s death has highlighted is a system that is cruel, arbitrary and punitive toward fathers and strangely dismissive of the best interests of their children.

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