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Elections and Campaigns

Sanders Versus Trump

Bernie Would Clobber The Donald in a Debate

Brent Budowsky: Sanders is a leader; Trump is a showman, which is why Sanders’s crowds are larger than Trump’s, Sanders’s polls are stronger than Trump’s, and Sanders will leave large footprints while Trump will leave a legacy as politically profound as “The Apprentice.”

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Prison Reform

obama prison visit

Will Obama’s “Criminal Justice Week” Define His Presidency?

David A. Love: The “tough on crime” approach is a miserable failure, and true reform of the criminal justice system will take a bipartisan effort in which we are smarter about sentencing, reduce barriers for the formerly incarcerated, and increase their job opportunities.

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Immigration Reform

ICE Detainers

Kathryn Steinle’s Murder Puts the Spotlight on ICE

Hector Villagra: ICE’s use of detainers to imprison people without due process or probable cause — including not just those here without authorization but also green card holders and even U.S. citizens — raises obvious and serious constitutional concerns.

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Social Justice

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