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Education Reform

Elementary and Secondary Education Act

No TEST Left Behind

Steven Singer: Standardized test scores are highly correlated with a child’s parental income. Rich kids generally score highly and poor kids score lower. That’s what these tests measure – not academic achievement.

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Elections and Campaigns

Hillary Opposes Citizens United

Hillary Lifts Populist Spirits

Brent Budowsky: Clinton is making political reform one of the cornerstone issues in her campaign for the White House. She has begun a frontal assault against the widely unpopular Supreme Court decision in the Citizens United case.

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LGBT Rights

Republican Anti-Gay Agenda

Religion Vs. Civil Rights

Steve Hochstadt: As long as the most conservative Republicans, those most likely to vote in primaries, demand that their party fight against equality for homosexuals, Republican politicians seem incapable of resisting.

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The Body Politic

Goal Setting for Health

Set a Goal and Watch What Happens

Treva Brandon Scharf: You don’t have to be a marathoner – or even an athlete – to appreciate the kind of runner’s high you’ll get from setting a goal. All you need are some tried-and-true goal-setting strategies and a little determination to get you going.

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Immigration Reform

Migration As A Human Right

Migration as a Universal Human Right

Alvaro Huerta: If migration is certain and constant, why do so many Americans and their leaders, particularly conservatives, fuss about Latino immigration to the United States?

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Economic Justice


Scapegoat Economics 2015

Richard Wolff: Governors in the US now increasingly attack state employees, their unions and pensions as if they, rather than the crisis, had suddenly become the economic problem.

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Progressive Issues

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Featured Events

Nurses Organizing

For a Better Future for Our Patients: Rally, Tuesday, 14 April

Jen Suh: This historic election (the first in Huntington’s 123-year history) is the culmination of nearly a year of organizing, primarily to restore quality patient care at Huntington. Nurses have faced harassment, intimidation, threats and surveillance to get to this point, and we want to offer our thanks and encouragement to them as they head into the election.

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Social Justice

Walter Scott Shooting

7 Minutes of Soul & 3 Things You Need to Know

Hasira Ashema: I tell you what. When so-called white males take to social media and start to exclaim these type of messages, you know for a fact that the days of racism are truly numbered.

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Law and Justice

Bad Cops

Bad Cops: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Cheryl Dorsey: How and why would a police department knowingly hire a police officer who has demonstrated a proclivity toward aggressive behavior, potential emotional/mental instability, and a wanton disregard for adhering to organizational policy and procedure?

Pay-to-Play Deputy

Pay-to-Play Deputy Guns Down Unarmed Black Man in Tulsa

Cheryl Dorsey: It’s hard to understand why anyone north of 70 would seek a patrol assignment, much less why anyone with any sense in authority would give the man a gun and a badge and set him loose on an unsuspecting public.

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Los Angeles

Los Angeles Gentrification

Gentrification: Struggle for Affordable Housing

Rudy Acuña: Land speculation is part of the culture of the City of the Angels; it pits developers against homeowners and landlords against renters. Billions if not trillions of dollars have been made bulldozing people.

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