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Prison Reform

obama prison visit

Will Obama’s “Criminal Justice Week” Define His Presidency?

David A. Love: The “tough on crime” approach is a miserable failure, and true reform of the criminal justice system will take a bipartisan effort in which we are smarter about sentencing, reduce barriers for the formerly incarcerated, and increase their job opportunities.

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Immigration Reform

ICE Detainers

Kathryn Steinle’s Murder Puts the Spotlight on ICE

Hector Villagra: ICE’s use of detainers to imprison people without due process or probable cause — including not just those here without authorization but also green card holders and even U.S. citizens — raises obvious and serious constitutional concerns.

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Social Justice


Atticus Finch vs. Atticus Finch

Charles Hayes: Imagining Gregory Peck as Atticus making racist statements is like going to the doctor for a common cold and finding out you have cancer: it’s earth-shattering.

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Law & Justice

Lafayette Shooting

“What’s It Gonna Take?” Asks a Victim’s Family

Larry Wines: What about the nutjobs with guns who have no restraints to coming after everyone else in this sick society that’s awash in guns, awash in bullshit that says gun ownership is THE only right that matters?