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Elections and Campaigns

Rand Paul Plagarist

The GOP’s Daddy Issues

Tina Dupuy: Apparently the tipping point in B-more needs to be met with boilerplate from people running for president. Blah blah moral code. Blah blah family structure. Blah blah idle blather tax cuts Benghazi Monica Lewinsky ISIS.

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Bennett Kayser for School Board

Bennett Kayser for School Board

Karen Wolfe: Kayser is being outspent by charters 9:1. But if every teacher who lives in Board District 5 brings in two votes, Bennett Kayser will win and, once again, people will win over corporate power.

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all woman mosque

All-Woman’s Mosque in Los Angeles

Rosemary Jenkins: Among the more progressive Muslim women, there has arisen a need to explore their religion beyond the traditional means, to ask questions, enjoy active participation, and develop a greater female identity and camaraderie.

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Progressive Issues

Dyson Criticizes West

What, Black “Leaders” Have to Agree on Everything?

Dyson vs. West: Black ‘leaders’ have never agreed on everything – and that’s OK an’t we all just get along? Better yet, when it comes to black intellectuals, can’t we agree to disagree? After all, it’s not as if black leaders and thinkers always have agreed on everything. In an extensive essay in The New […]

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Immigration Reform

Migration As A Human Right

Migration as a Universal Human Right

Alvaro Huerta: If migration is certain and constant, why do so many Americans and their leaders, particularly conservatives, fuss about Latino immigration to the United States?

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Economic Justice


Scapegoat Economics 2015

Richard Wolff: Governors in the US now increasingly attack state employees, their unions and pensions as if they, rather than the crisis, had suddenly become the economic problem.

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Foreign Policy

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Social Justice

human parasites

Free Riders and Parasites

Charles Hayes: The whole American economic system has come to depend upon a foundation of indentured slave-wage workers for a wide variety of goods and services absolutely necessary for the success of those considered the upper class.

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Law and Justice

Mobile Justice CA

The Whole World Is Watching

Hector Villagra: The ACLU of California is proud to announce the release of Mobile Justice CA, a new smartphone app that allows users to effectively record law enforcement officers.

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