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Elections and Campaigns

not trusting hillary

Not Trusting Hillary

Michael Hertz: My thinking about you, your history and your ideals, while very positive prior to a few years ago, has turned more and more negative. I don’t think I’m alone in that.

Obama Slams Progressives

Could Obama Sink 2016 Dem Hopes?

Brent Budowksy: Obama continues to periodically lapse into ridicule and derision of liberals and labor, as he did during the recent trade debate.

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LGBTQ Rights

Marriage Equality Evolution

Marriage Equality as Evolution

Rosemary Joyce: The legal debates about marriage equality, in California, in other states, and in Washington, have consistently highlighted the indignities that anti-marriage equality arguments introduced.


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Immigration Reform

ICE Plays Name Game -- Jennie Pasquarella

ICE Plays Name Game

Jennie Pasquarella: ICE has not corrected the fundamental failings of the immigration detainer, which makes compliance with it unconstitutional.

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Social Justice

Black Churches Burn

As Black Churches Burn

David Love: The recent rash of black church burnings have many African-Americans wondering if this marks a resurgence of the nation’s original terrorists — white supremacists.

Rachel Dolezal Deception

Rachel Dolezal’s Deception?

Stephanie Jones-Rogers: The truth is that, for most of our nation’s history, many of the people who we consider to be “white” today, would be “colored,” “Negro,” or “black” in times past.

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Economic Justice

Republicans Hate Affordable Housing

Why Republicans Hate Affordable Housing

epublicans have lost on Obamacare, gay marriage and immigrant rights, but every night millions of ill-housed Americans  can attest to the GOP’s  successes at worsening the nation’s affordable housing crisis. Republicans have opposed  affordable to housing funding as relentlessly as health care, but with far less publicity and far more success. The GOP’s effort to […]

Fighting Income Inequality

What Do Americans Think About Economic Inequality?

Lawrence S. Wittner: Despite the many billions of dollars U.S. corporations lavish on advertising and other forms of public relations to give themselves a positive image, Americans are remarkably wary of these giant economic enterprises.

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Business School Grads

The Business of Wall Street

Walter Brasch: Why these people earn 6, 7- and 8-figure incomes is because business and the greed for piling up stock options, not service to mankind, dominates the American workforce.

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War & Peace

the wall that heals

Bad Wars and Their Consequences

Steve Hochstadt: In Vietnam, in Iraq, in Afghanistan, and in many other places, our leaders did not know what they were doing. The result has been disaster for our soldiers, for the countries where we intervened, for our global image and our image of ourselves.

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Foreign Policy

Greece Rejects Austerity

Greece: A New Marathon?

John Peeler: Syriza must now define an alternative within capitalism without submitting to the capitalist conventional wisdom that more austerity is the only way out.

Obama Passes Tpp

Connect the Dots: Congress Waves Goodbye

Lila Garrett: And so, boys and girls, those 545 subjects—who, by the way, were elected by we the people to represent us—threw in the towel and handed our future, our health, our happiness to the master of all he surveys. Barack Obama.

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