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Elections and Campaigns

Republicans for Bernie

Republicans for Bernie

-+*Michael Hertz: In the past few days, I’ve run into two Republicans who said that they want Bernie Sanders for President. Republicans for a avowed democratic socialist. How did that happen?

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Bennett Kayser

What Bennett Kayser’s Defeat Teaches Us

-+*Joshua Leibner: You completely dismissed the agonized cry of the teachers of LAUSD who believed that the students should have a superintendent who championed their causes through education policies.

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Rigid Ideologies

Why Learning from History Means Saying No to Rigid Ideologies

-+*Walter Moss: Throughout history religious believers have sometimes become like latter day ideologues in their dogmatic rigidity, in their insistence on possessing “the truth,” in their lack of humility, and in their willingness to even kill those who think differently.

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War & Peace

Biological Weapons Convention

Biological Weapons Convention Turns 40: Are We Any Safer?

-+*Janet Phelan: Unlike other disarmament treaties, the BWC has no verification protocol. What this means is that there is no way for the Convention to check to see if those who have signed and ratified the Convention are in fact abiding by its dictates.

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Immigration Reform

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Economic Justice

Derailing Amtrak

Derailing Amtrak: Tracking the Latest Disaster in the Infrastructure Crisis

-+*he dangerous underfunding of US infrastructure was underscored by a fatal train derailment on May 12th. The tragedy did not deter the House Appropriations Committee from voting to slash Amtrak funding the very next day. There are ways Congress could fund its massive infrastructure bill without raising taxes. But the conservative-controlled Congress seems to have […]

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LGBTQ Rights

LGBT Boy Scouts

Scouts and the LGBT Community

-+*Carl Matthes: Between internal challenges and potential legal conflicts, the Boy Scouts of America finds itself in an unsustainable position.

lgbt families

Children and the LGBT Community

-+*Carl Matthes: The time has come for America to embrace all of its children, to protect its children, to facilitate loving homes and provide safe schools for its children.

history of racism

How Hard Is Change? A Fifty Year Perspective

-+*John Peeler: There is nothing more threatening to white Americans than young black men. We have always been a country created by whites and for whites: hence the Tea Party slogan after the election of Barack Obama, “We want our country back!”

Social Justice

Hawaii Police Practices

How Hawaiʽi Sees Ferguson

-+*Michael Haas: If police forces throughout the country were to call upon the Honolulu Police Department for technical assistance, the situation in Ferguson might never have happened.

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Foreign Policy

Jeff Sessions TPP

Sen. Sessions Tells Truth About TPP

-+*Kevin Zeese: Sessions’ action flies in the face of the threats made by the US Trade Representative to prosecute elected officials who tell people what is in the trade agreement. Others should follow his example and get out the truth about the TPP.

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Law and Justice

Black Women Matter

Police Manhandle Pregnant Black Woman

-+*Jessica Price: It’s important to note here that if you do exercise your right to refuse to show your ID, an officer might arrest you. It would be a wrongful arrest, but it would be an arrest.

Repeal California Death Penalty

California’s Death Penalty: All Cost, No Justice

-+*Natasha Minsker: Since the death penalty was reinstated in California in 1978, taxpayers have spent over $4 billion to prop up the defunct system. There are currently 750 men and women on death row. Most die of old age, not execution.


Cyberspying Transcends Everything You Think You Know About It

-+*Larry Wines: How come we are all paying to be spyed on, not by some nefarious government, but by ruthless capitalists who will sell their own grandmother after billing us to feed, house, and clothe her so she is plump and healthy and will fetch a better price?

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