10 Questions for T People from the Parkie They Heckled

Bob LetcherTen reactions to T-people, in the form of questions I’ve gleaned from reading through hundreds and hundreds of comments critical of my sitting down with my sign…

First, how would you feel about having your integrity challenged over whether you do or do not suffer from a nasty, debilitating, incurable, deadly disease?

Second, duh! What else would a person go to a demonstration FOR, other than to demonstrate and attract media attention. (BE HONEST: Isn’t that why YOU go?)

Third, exactly how did little, old me compel all those self-righteousness powered T-people to behave so badly, so that the media could “cast them in a bad light”?

Fourth, when you characterize my views as “biased”, aren’t you simply asserting that my thinking differs from yours, which you simply, and again, self-righteously assert is “THE truth”, without citing any reasons that might contribute to democratic discourse instead of demagoguery.

Fifth, wouldn’t a “lib” just be someone who “loves his neighbor as himself”— and what’s so wrong with that?

Sixth, if you place your beliefs beyond question, how can you be so sure they are right?

Seventh, if you strip words of their history to the point of describing President Obama as a socialist, AND as a Communist, AND as a Fascist—but rarely as a Progressive Democrat who happens to have been democratically elected President—how can you expect people to take you seriously?

Eighth, how can you act so angry and unaware on the world’s stage (it’s not yours or ours anymore—so you can’t just take it home), yet hope not to be dismissed as ugly Americans who can no longer think well and creatively enough to compete in anything except war games made with real wars?

Ninth, was there ever a time when you T-people constructively channeled what you now spew as anger?

Finally, as history is full of the ruins of self-proclaimed “Thousand-Year Reichs”, how can you be so sure that your actions are not dragging the country you claim to love into the Dustbin of History?

letcherPS: I had no idea when I referred to T-People as T-baggers that some people use “T-bagger” to refer to a gay sex act. Had I known that, I likely would have found another way to refer to people bedecked in T-bags. I would do so, NOT because I accept claims that such a term is derogatory just because it refers to gay sex; rather, because I think that sarcasm is, to appropriate Chaucer’s words “a dish best served cold”. And even after some critique told me what “T-bagger” supposedly referred to, I still didn’t understand.

Robert A. Letcher, PhD

Robert A. Letcher, Ph.D describes himself as “an academic with a disability instead of a portfolio, a writer, and a Qigong practitioner who tries to help people learn”.

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