10 Most Read Articles — May 5 to 12

condoleezza rice

This week’s 10 most read articles leads off with David Love’s conjectures on the effect Condi Rice would have on the presidential race and Mitt’s changes in November were he to “balance” his ticket with Condolezza Rice.

10 Most Read
May 5 to May 12, 2012 

1.. Will Mitt Throw Condi at Barack? David Love: The charisma, charm and brilliance of a Condoleezza Rice could help offset Romney’s negative image as a rich, dull, white bread kind of guy.

2. Police Everywhere. Mark Naison: I can only imagine how young people of color feel about this smothering police presence, especially as they are the ones this presence is often placed there for. h

3. Sharia Law: We Know What It’s About – Really? Sharon Kyle: The woman speaking on the video may sincerely believe that she is doing the right thing but scratch the surface and you’ll find that there is another agenda and it ain’t to protect Americans.


4. The Genius of Barack Obama: Why We Must Organize Independently to keep Hope of Change Alive. Mark Naison: Together, the President’s actions cemented my conviction that he was one of the most brilliant politicians I have seen in my lifetime, equaled only by Lyndon Johnson and Ronald Reagan, and surpassing even his sometimes rival, sometimes ally Bill Clinton.

5. Elderly Veteran Shot: Is This How We Support Our Troops? Bruce Reilly: After 68-year-old Marine Kenneth Chamberlain told police he was alright, over the course of 15 minutes, they finally broke in his door and killed him immediately.

6. Occupy Fights Foreclosures Turns Tables on BofA. Cheryl Aichele: Occupy Activists aim to highlight the fraudulent ways in which the nation’s largest mortgage servicer forecloses on millions of innocent families.

socialism and capitalism

7. There You Go Again, Mr. Romney. Berry Craig: He lies about unions. He lies about legislation that helps workers organize and he lies about the Obama administration’s labor policies.

8. A (Long Overdue) People’s Guide to Los Angeles. Randy Shaw: The book is as much a people’s “history” as it is a guide, as it provides ample background on key sites in the city’s struggles around race, sexuality, development and workers rights.

9. Foreclosure Crisis Discussion Marries Activists Old and New. Dick Price: A recent ACLU foreclosure forum may have taken a small step in marrying the newfound passion of mostly younger Occupiers with the dogged persistence of old-line activists typically drawn to this regular ACLU forum.

10. Not Socialism; Better, Fairer Capitalism. Robert Reich: The answer is to reform capitalism. The world’s productivity revolution is outpacing the political will of rich societies to fairly distribute its benefits.

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