10 Most Read Articles — 12 to 19 May 2012


venus de milo10 Most Read Articles
12 May to 19 May 2012

1. Why U.S. Politicians Are Quiet About Europe’s Meltdown. Shamus Cooke: Working people in the U.S. need to learn to speak Greek, and adopt an increasingly popular slogan that rejects austerity measures: Tax the Rich!

2. Rosa Parks and Mother Teresa: Justice vs. Charity. Peter Dreier: Rosa Parks deserves to be in the same human rights pantheon as Bishop Romero and Eleanor Roosevelt. But not Mother Teresa.

3. Open Enrollment: Closing the Academic Achievement Gap. Unai Montes-Irueste: Students are not only condemned to life sentences of educational inequity, their caregivers are jailed for breaking them out of underperforming schools.

4. Time to Retire the 99 Percent. Walter Brasch: It’s time to retire the 99 percent. Not the people, but the slogan that identifies the Occupy Movement.

5. Black Ministers Follow Obama on Same-Sex Marriage Stance. Rev. Irene Monroe: For African-American ministers, the liability of Obama losing his 2012 re-election bid is far greater than being publicly outed for not being in lockstep with their homophobic brethren.

6. An Illusion Becomes a Delusion: Maybe I Am Missing Something. Rudy Acuña: My criticism of the Democratic Party is based on principles, not on ambition. Unless it recognizes its chauvinism toward Latinos, it won’t be able to correct itself.

jamie dimon

Jamie Dimon

7. Romney: Gay Bashing 101. Tom Degan:Is Mitt Romney a gay-bashing homophobe? Probably not. The conclusion I’ve drawn is that the man is a sociopath.

8. JP Morgan’s Loss Could Be America’s Gain: Joseph Palermo. With new evidence mounting each day that the system is as broken as it was before the meltdown of September 2008 and will likely require another colossal taxpayer bailout at some point, the public might be able to compel even the isolated 1 percenters among Washington’s policy elite to take heed.

9. Kentucky City Government Says No to Rebel Flag. Berry Craig: Foes of flying the rebel flag are planning a protest rally on Saturday. He said anti-flag petitions are apparently being circulated.

10. What European Elections Should Teach Obama. Randy Shaw: Europe’s lesson is that Obama should far more aggressively promote public investment, job creation, and other economically populist – and popular – measures.


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