100 Reasons Progressives Give Thanks

As the Thanksgiving Weekend comes to an end, the LA Progressive looks back  over the year, focusing on the reasons we have to give thanks. There was quite a bit especially compared to where we were the year before  So we decided to only list a few and to give you an opportunity to list what you gave thanks for.  At the end of the week, we’ll compile your answers and come up with the top 100 which will be presented to you next Sunday.
Please let us know if you’d like your name mentioned in the article.
Here’s our list

CornEvery year, as Thanksgiving rolls around and  stores fill up with holiday treats and decorations, I find myself feeling somewhat conflicted.  We celebrate the first Thanksgiving because the native people living in what came to be known as America were compassionate enough to share their knowledge and their food with the first European settlers enabling them to survive.

To us, this is worth celebrating. What should not be celebrated is the European invasion that followed and the almost complete annihilation of a people.  To Native Americans, Thanksgiving must be a bittersweet holiday, much like Independence Day is to the descendants of the American slaves. But having said that, there is still much to be thankful for and we’ll focus on that for this article, keeping in mind that there is much that still remains to be done.

So, as this Thanksgiving weekend comes to an end, we at the LA Progressive look back over the year  and focus on the reasons we have to give thanks. There is quite a bit, especially compared to where we were last year.  So we decided to only list a few and to give you an opportunity to list what you gave thanks for this year.  At the end of the week, we’ll compile your answers and come up with the top 100 which will be presented to you next Sunday.

List as many reasons as you’d like and please let us know if you’d like your name mentioned in the article that we’ll publish next week.

Here’s our list —

  • we_two_bizcard1We’re thankful we didn’t end up with a McCain/Palin administration
  • We’re thankful that citizen journalists can impact change
  • We’re thankful that there is a healthcare debate
  • We’re thankful  the LA Progressive continues to serve the progressive community

Now place your list in the comment field below.

— Dick & Sharon


  1. Lionel says

    I’m thankful that Native Americans are still here.

    I’m thankful that some Turkeys got away!

    I’m thankful that we can expose the dictatorship now going on in Honduras with illegal elections being held today 11-29-09, and to expose the State Department for backing the Honduran Military Coup and illegal regime that abducted the real president of Houduras – Manuel Zelaya! To be cont’…..

    I’m thankful that progressives have the ability to now organize
    in ways never dreamed of in the past. So, Organize!!!!

    I’m thankful that we have the chance to prosecute the financial crooks that are robbing us blind and making money for their war and stock market friends. Every dog has his day!

  2. Kathleen Eagan says

    I am thankful for the Constitution of The United States and for the Progressives who are protecting it with all their hearts and souls.

  3. Darrell Tucci says

    I’m thankful the federal government FINALLY passed hate crimes legislation protecting LGBT Americans.

    I’m thanking Obama signed the Ryan White Care Act re-authorization with an increase of funding for the next several years.

  4. says

    I’m thankful my children live in a country where they can have a voice

    I’m thankful my husband, Dick Price, would rather I speak my mind than wash the dishes

    I’m thankful there is an internet that is free and open

    I’m thankful my parents (Glenda and Marty) taught me to be an independent thinker

    I’m thankful that I can be an activist without worrying too much about my safety

    I’m thankful McCain chose Palin as a running mate

    I’m thankful Mario Solis-Marich and Progressive Talk Radio on AM 1150 will have Dick and I on a guests today

    I’m thankful that writers graciously allow us to publish them

    I’m so thankful to know there are so many progressives in the world

  5. Brent Turner says

    I’m thankful for activists who will stand up against seemingly impossible odds.

    I’m thankful that the citizens and politicians are beginning to recognize the need for transparency in election systems – i. e. open source software and mandatory paper ballots.

    I’m thankful that President Obama is acting to remove the lobbyist influence from our government.

  6. says

    I’m thankful for:

  7. Barbara Lee, for being willing to stand up to the insanity of Vietghanistan, by bringing forth a bill opposing any troop buildup in Afghanistan.
  8. Allan Grayson, for calling a spade a spade in the healthcare debate, when so many in Congress seem so obviously in the pocket of Corporate America, and not in the pocket of the people.
  9. Marcy Winograd, for willing to undertake all the work, against long odds, of joining Lee and Grayson in Congress, so she can add her unashamably liberal voice to theirs.
  10. Sharon Kyle, my wonderful wife, for being such a delightful partner in LA Progressive and in life.
  11. Linnea Friberg-Price, my darling daughter, who celebrated her 16th birthday Thursday, and is such a grounded, warm-hearted, level-headed, joyful young lady.
  12. — Dick

  13. Marie Russell-Barker says

    Thankful for my mother 85 years old
    Thankful for my Family
    Thankful for mine blessing
    Thankful for knowledge of human changing of hearts (mind)
    Thankful for my friends and neighbors
    Thankful for being able to have problems and how to solve the ones that I can and knowing the differences
    Thankful for having this opportunity to list some of my blessings!Thank you Dick and Sharon.

  14. Liz Amsden says

    I am thankful that Dianne Feinstein did her research and now stands solidly behind moving towards single payer health care.

    I am thankful for all the wonderful people I have met through the Obama campaign and OFA – that I am not alone against the corporatocracy.

    I am thankful that people in other countries have shown the way and maybe the US will learn to follow.

  15. nora coryell says

    I am grateful for Amy David .
    and also for Naomi Kline.
    I am grateful for all those who do not confuse principal with principle.

  16. Virginia Hoge says

    I’m thankful for Dick and Sharon

    I’m thankful for Charley James

    I’m thankful for Andrea Christina Nill

    I’m thankful for Obama

    I’m thankful for a re-invigorated Left

    I’m thankful for the winds of change, which are most certainly, blowing

  17. Charley James says

    I’m thankful for Sarah Palin because not even a Coen Bros. script could create such a wonderfully bizarre character to provide such rich fodder for countless articles over the past year.

    I’m thankful the Republican Party used election losses in 2006 and 2008 to turn itself into an Itchy and Scratchy cartoon inside a Simpsons episode, doing everything possible to self-destruct.

    I’m thankful Glenn Beck is a crazy man who becomes own characature more and more every day, alienating all but the goofy loonies on the right.

    I’m thankful that we survived the Bush-Cheney era relatively intact.

    I’m thankful that Barack Obama lives in The White House.

    I’m thankful that Hillary Clinton is Secretary of State, perhaps the most nearly perfect job for her.

    I’m thankful for the leftward shift in the country, which was nearly destroyed by 28 years of conservative economics, foreign policy and domestic neglect.

    Finally, I’m thankful that Dick and Sharon give me a voice on a regular basis.


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