Sharon’s Primary Analysis Spreadsheet

pennsylvania-vote.gifSharon’s Presidential Primary analysis spreadsheet is an Excel file containing a state by state listing of pledged delegates, super delegates, whether the state had a caucus or primary, and the date of that caucus or primary. Florida and Michigan have been excluded from this analysis.

Click here to see the totals for each candidate: the-primaries.xls

Much of this information comes from


  1. Robert Frampton says

    I cannot vote for Obama in November.
    I consider myself a Progressive, having worked in campaigns of Eugene McCarthy, Harold Hughes of Iowa, Paul Tsongas, and Howard Dean. But Obama (like Kerry) will wilt under Republican fire in the Fall campaign. Also, Obama is too inexperienced to run the country. I would like to see him serve for 8 years as Vice President and then run in 2016. He could have a disasterous presidency if electd now (though I think he will be defeated by McCain). I will not vote for Obama this year.
    — Robert Frampton

  2. Jay says

    I moved to California 7 years ago after living my entire life in Pennsylvania. I think it is fair to say that Democrats cannot win the White House without it. It contains Democrats of every stripe including very liberal Democrats residing in the suburbs of Philadelphia.A Heavy African American population in Philadelphia. It also contains a great number of Catholic blue collar Democrats all over the state who tend to be more conservative on social issues. Additionally, it has a good percentage of Jewish voters, certainly enough to tip the balance in a close election in that state. If Hillary wins there on Tuesday, it is my belief she would be our strongest candidate in November at least among Democrats. Republicans and Independents cannot vote in the Democratic primary there. Obama’s so called appeal to Republicans is more illusory than real. When they hear he wants to raise the capital gains tax from 15% back to 28% as well as raising the Social Security tax I doubt many of them will be interested in crossing party lines in November. Poll after poll shows younger voters picking Obama over Hillary. Based on everything we know about politics, who is more likely to vote in November-the so called youth or those over age 65?I think our party rules have been a disaster. How do you explain to the average voter that Hillary won the popular vote in Texas only to lose by 5 votes the delegates vote count there. How do explain to voters that we are going to exlude Florida and Michigan when it is up to the States to set the time, place and manner of elections (not the political parties) based upon the Constitution of the United States. Obama has been given a free ride and now the press is just catching up to him. He seemed rattled at the debate last Wednesday, as would any candidate not fully ready for prime time. Supporters of Obama can only hope that if he is nominated we will be in full war mode in Iraq and the economy in a mini-depression. Otherwise, Obama is going to lose. Hillary is our only real chance to hold onto the White House. Obama’s wins in Idaho, Utah, N.Dakota, Kansas, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia,& S.Carolina (just to name a few) mean little if he can’t win them in the fall (which he can’t). It is states like Pennsylvania that hold the key to victory and if he can’t win there, he simply shouldn’t be our candidate.

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