African-American Presidents Can Be Hazardous to Your Health

The current defeat of health care reform in the United States illustrates why an African-American should never have been elected president.  There are fifty million citizens without any American health insurance—myself included—and U. S. President Barack Obama’s solution was to slavishly obey his political adversaries, by pushing a bill that requires Americans to buy health insurance, with no serious limits, if any, on how much insurance companies can charge.

The white Americans who elected Obama love a man whose speeches evoke memories of Martin Luther King.  What white American liberals forgot is that they want a leader like Martin Luther King for blacks.  They did not realize, until now, that they should not have wanted such a leader for themselves.

They forgot that they liked King as a black leader because, at least subconsciously, they knew he would fail. Obama agreed that King’s tactics were laughably, predictably ineffectual in his Nobel Peace Prize speech. No one should bring up the Civil Rights Act as a King “victory,” unless that person also promises to send me the belongings I left when I fled Nashville, Tennessee.

White Americans spent the last 50 years breeding—and I use this word with precision—a docile black, having exterminated the Black Panthers. Today’s African-American allows his enemies to spit on him and his children.  Witness Jackie Robinson and the students of Little Rock.

Todays’s black American, like Congressman John Lewis, unceasingly preaches the need to forgive and be reconciled with those enemies, from whom he demands nothing, as that other King—Rodney—pleaded.  But America’s black will abuse his actual friends and supporters, as when Congressman Charles Rangel defended then-President George Bush against Hugo Chavez, though the Venezuelan leader offered free heating oil to needy Americans in Rangel’s state. The new negro, like the National Association of Black Journalists vis-à-vis Mumia Abu-Jamal, keeps silent even when his paymasters would tolerate his speaking out: Basketball superstar and Nike shoe pitchman, Michael Jordan, said, “Republicans buy sneakers too,” when asked to oppose a Republican who had called Martin Luther King a racial epithet.  The American black is afraid to say anything that might make his enemies angry, as we saw when Van Jones apologized profusely for criticizing Obama’s Republican opponents, in an attempt to prevent himself from getting fired—by Obama.

The American negro is a man—if you can call him that—who is fiercely proud of his second-class citizenship, as Adam Clayton Powell proved at Bandung.

Today’s African-American will take an ignominious defeat, and call it victory: In 2005, the United Daughters of the Confederacy, whose magazine ran defenses of slavery—the “cornerstone” of the Confederacy—as late as 1989, forced a university to keep a building called, “Confederate Memorial Hall.”  Sonnye Dixon, the president of a chapter of the NAACP, America’s most powerful black organization, said, “[In] some cases, maybe it’s good that [the name is] still there and people still continue to see it and are reminded we have to move beyond what initially separated us all….  It just reminds us of how far we’ve come, but to be intentional about continuing to press forward.” An African-American “leader” uses words artfully, but his phrases are as devoid of meaning as “Jabberwocky.”

White American liberals foolishly chose not to wait to see if Obama was the kind of man who would stick to his guns when the bandits rode into town.

He wasn’t.  African-Americans run away from noble fights.

But they sure know how to give a good speech.  “Hope” is a pre-existing condition that will keep Americans from getting health insurance.

Jonathan David Farley

Jonathan David Farley is a Teaching and Research Fellow at the Institut für Algebra of Johannes Kepler Universität Linz in Linz, Österreich.

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  1. Velma Adams says

    I don’t know what Mr. Farley’s point is in this article. He is all over the place and unfortunately with either misreprsentations of the truth or outright lies. To dare to say that Blacks run away from noble causes, that President Obama agreed that Martin Luther King Jr.’s tactics were laughable and that the health care bill, which is still not a finished product will continue to leave all Americans having to purchase insurance, are either lies, or there is a problem with transfer of information once read. I am so sorry that Mr. Farley is so bitter. Maybe, if he could climb out of his bitterness and hatred and really listen to what people are saying, most importantly, President Obama, and what people are doing to improve life here in the United States. I am always sorry for those who allow their bitterness and hatred to cloud their insight to see the positive side of what is happening. It is interesting that just before reading this, I read about the stepped up procedures to deal with those who might bring harm to the people of this country and yet there are those who will say that President Obama continues to make us unsafe.

  2. Ted Radamaker says

    Dr. Farley’s response to me:

    “I gave examples for virtually all the statements. Are you saying these examples are anomalies? If so, then pick one of the issues in the essay, and get African-Americans in your area to rally around it. It shouldn’t be too difficult since you say my statements are manifestly false. Also, prove me wrong by showing me examples contradicting my statements.

    P.S. It’s not “racist” since “African-Americans” are not a race. I didn’t say “black people across the globe”.

    MY REPLY: African-Americans, please “rally around” if you do not allow anyone to spit on you or your children or any of the other things you are accused of doing in Dr. Farley’s article! Or do you agree with him?

  3. Ted Radamaker says

    “Today’s African-American allows his enemies to spit on him and his children.”
    Dr. Farley is justifiably embittered, because of his experiences, causing him to not only leave Tennessee, but to leave the United States as well. Nevertheless,this does not justify,in the least, such racist generalities and others, even when written by an African-American. If he can exclude himself from these generalities, I am sure he can find many others; making such statements manifestly false. He should apologize to his fellow African-Americans.

  4. annieR says

    The current House and Senate health care bills would have saved the lives of many of my daughter’s oncology patients. Allowing my grandson to stay on his parents’ health insurance until he’s 27 will be a huge leg-up for him. I don’t prefer that President Obama dig his heels in and get no health care bill but rather lay claim to a “moral” victory. Farley’s article is perverse for the sake of perversity and unhelpful.

  5. says

    Although I believe Jonathan is purposely overstating his case, I do feel that President Obama has been all too conciliatory to centrist Democrats and Republicans this first year, which has gotten him — and us — nothing. If he is to have a successful presidency and move our country in much-needed directions, he and the Democratic Congress will need to take a much harder, more combative edge in 2010.

    Problem is, as we’ve seen in the healthcare debate — where the single-payer proposal was taken off the table even before anyone knew where the table was — Congress and much of the Capitol is deep in the pocket of vested interests. The only way real change can happen is if we on the outside raise some hell, as Jonathan does here.

    — Dick Price

    • Velma Adams says

      The only problem is that Farley doesn’t just raise hell, he misrepresents the truth and in some cases, tells outright lies. He has totally misrepresented the health care bill. The bill, which is not a finished product, does not do all we would like for it to do, but it is the beginning of a process and no one, has come this close to getting some reform ever. The fact that pre existing conditions will not be able to be used to exclude people is a plus. The fact that the insurance company cannot drop people at will is a plus. The fact that a student can continue to be covered by the parents insurance until age 26 or 27 is a real positive. The fact that over 30 million people presently uninsured will now be covered is a plus. Even the Civil Rights bill, the voting rights bill, the medicare bill, the social security act had to be improved upon and added to in subsequent years. It is called compromise and it is called starting a foundation.

  6. says

    the LA Progressive gives many the opportunity to have their voice heard – we don’t always agree with the writers but we do believe they should be heard.

    I don’t agree with much that is written here.

  7. says


    The”fact” that O’Bomber is half African American has nothing to do with his behavior and the racist comment about AA’s running away from a noble fight is absurd.

    I have blue eyes and I know the problem is that O”Bomber is nothing more than a servile puppet of the militaristic Capitalist moneyed class, colored darker and kinked to be audaciously and atrociously sold to the liberal traget market as at least, turns our at most, better than the alternative.

    The slander on Afican Americans is ridiculous and un-called for. Among ethnic groups in the USA, the AAs have the most historical, longest lasting, and strongest radical tradition. As a French-Canadian/Sicilian American from Labor Heritage and an almost lifelong Cooperative Communitarian (Socialist/Communist), I find it easier to reach out and feel solidarity with “black” Americans.

    I am frustrated by the ignorance and complicity of “white” people and their inability or lack of willingness to understand and embrace a radical agenda, even if presented in a most peaceful, orderly transition language.

    I know ith is an oversimplification to say White is to Capitalism as Black is to Socialism, but the History of the OEO of the 1964 Civil Rights Act suggests strongly that the appeal to O’Bombers “blackness” was an audacious rip-off of the legacy of Dr. MLK Jr.

    Bringing “whites” into the fold, who seem to believe that freedom is equal to lack of responsibility to, for many, self, and to almost all, others, is problematic.

    Chavez is the closest thing we have to a world leader. There is none in the US. His Bolivarian mantra almost draws the line in the sand between White Capitalism and Brown Socialism. If Obama thrusts us into full blown World War 4 in his ignorant attempt to enforce World Manifest Destiny then surely it will be the acts of a Capitalist Oreo and has no reflection on his ethnicity.

    In Peace, Friendwalkin’, Community, Cooperation, and Solidarity,

    Mike Morin
    Eugene, OR

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