L.A.’s 8th District Revolt: It’s More than a “Tantrum”

Forescee Hogan-Rowles

Forescee Hogan-Rowles

Forescee Hogan-Rowles Takes on Bernard Parks in the 8th City Council Race

On March 8th voters will reject Bernard Parks and choose Forescee Hogan-Rowles in a full effect voter revolt. The voter revolt that is going on in Los Angeles’ 8th councilmatic district turned serious last week when several political and community heavyweights came out against incumbent councilman, Bernard Parks, this, in the face of Parks’ councilmate, Jan Perry, trying to minimize the revolt as a single local labor leader “throwing a tantrum” and trying to teach Parks a lesson. Perry also said that “most will acknowledge” that his opposition wasn’t a viable candidate.

I don’t know who she’s talking to, but it ain’t the community. It’s interesting how power changes people. I remember when they said Jan Perry wasn’t a viable candidate and the “powers that be” were trying to keep community folk away from her. In fact, Forescee Hogan-Rowles is more viable now with 20 years economic development experience than Ms. Perry was when she ran (as a council office staffer).

They also said Barack Obama wasn’t a “viable candidate” (remember when Hillary, and Magic Johnson, were saying “he couldn’t win”). They said Kamala Harris wasn’t a viable candidate and couldn’t win. They said she wasn’t going to beat “Mighty Whitey” (Steve Cooley) in his own backyard, and just like Parks, Cooley was dismissive of Harris. Well, guess what happened? Moreover, guess what’s about to happen. Parks and Perry can dismiss this movement if they want to. Change is in the air.

The thing about Forescee Hogan-Rowles is she has the same thing Ms. Perry had at the time she ran, an optimism about changing the future quality of life in her district, and an adamant rejection of the status quo politics that made her the people’s choice. I also remember Ms. Perry was an upset winner, largely because of community support and pulling in organizers who could throw a tantrum or two. There was no better “tantrum thrower” than the late Juanita Tate from Concerned Citizens (God rest her soul). Juanita would cuss everybody in the campaign out at least once a week, including the candidate.

Yessiree, those were the days, huh Jan? When she was with the people. She’s now a “status quo” “big business” politician positioning herself for a future leap and trying to save her drowning boat mate. You would think she’d know a tantrum when she saw one, and Brian D’arcy’s wasn’t it. We about to show you a tantrum and a little bit more. Voter revolt is an act of mass dissatisfaction-voter dissatisfaction, combined with constituent dissatisfaction, combined with stakeholder dissatisfaction. However, people tend to trivialize things when they lose touch.

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