1. Clay Claiborne says

    The way things stand today in terms of what passes for international law, if Hitler decided to gas all the Jews in Germany, he could do so without fear of “legal” intervention from the international community so long as his acts, no matter how criminal, had the blessings of at least one of the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council.

    Just as slavery was once entirely lawful in the United States and those that took meaningful actions against it law breakers, genocide is entirely within the purview of international law because intervention cannot be justified on the grounds of self-defence and any of the five permanent UNSC can make any international action to stop a favoured dictator from dropping cluster bombs on playgrounds, jellied gasoline on people standing in breadlines or shooting rockets full of poison gas at communities that refuse to get with his program.

    That is the sorry fig leaf that those who stand on international law stand on when they demand that no one take “unilateral” action “in violation of international law” to stop the slaughter. While people in the US may be little concerned on how what some may regard as a “dust up” comes out, the people of Syria are paying a dear price because they are determined to overthrow a brutal dictatorship that has a powerful military, including an air force and rocket force and no qualms about using them against civilians.

    He can get away with this because he has powerful military support from a number of countries one of which holds one of five genocide licences at the UN.

    Obama may have done the right thing by putting it to congress and the people but the question remains: Will the United States do the right thing?

    Or will the people of the most powerful and richest nation on Earth give a petty dictator license to slaughter as many people as he thinks he needs to to create an ethnically cleanse area around Damascus, Homs and Latakia? Because that is what he is doing and what he is doing will require a lot more killing.

    Now, I’ve heard all the selfish reasons advanced by Alan Grayson and others about how its not our problem and its not our business, but it the United States, as a people, stands down, and allows genocide to go down in Syria and we fight it only with words, the judgement of history will not be kind towards us,

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