A Message From Amnesty International – Troy Anthony Davis

troy-anthony-davisTroy Anthony Davis faces execution for the murder of Police Officer Mark MacPhail in Georgia, despite a strong claim of innocence. 7 out of 9 witnesses have recanted or contradicted their testimony, no murder weapon was found and no physical evidence links Davis to the crime.

This week the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals rejected Troy Davis’ bid for a new trial. In a 2-1 vote, the court cited technical reasons to reject Davis’ petition for a hearing.

But all hope is not lost. Troy has 30 days to file another petition with the US Supreme Court.

Although the Georgia Board of Pardon and Paroles has voted to deny clemency, the governor of Georgia can still exercise leadership to ensure that his death sentence is commuted. Please urge him to demonstrate respect for fairness and justice by supporting clemency for Troy Davis.

Troy and his lawyers are doing everything they can to fight this decision from the inside. It is up to us to turn up the pressure on the outside. Even if you’ve taken action before, keep flooding Governor Perdue’s office with emails demanding justice for Troy. And pass the action on to everyone you know. There is power in numbers and when you stand behind Troy Davis, you make the fight for justice even stronger!

We can’t thank you enough.

In solidarity,
Sue, Brian, Jessie, and the rest of the Death Penalty Campaign team

P.S. Save the date — National Day of Solidarity for Troy Davis coming in May. We’ll be in touch soon to let you know how you can support Troy in your own community!


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    Here are some links that I would like to share with you. United for No Injustice, Oppression or Neglect has notified the media (most are on our newsletter list) and the lawmakers on a daily basis for eleven years that there is torture taking place in California’s prisons, particularly to the mentally ill. People are in denial and they don’t support reformers the way that they need to…but some 5000 lawsuits are filed every year which are costing us billions of dollars on legitimate claims.

    There is absolutely no place to go for a prisoner or an inmate family in the government, even in a life and death emergency. This is a REAL problem.


    Imprisoned Journalist suffering retaliation, needs to be moved before he is killed.

    There is no place for inmates/families to go in these circumstances or any other life and death emergency.

    Why not?

    When the situation predictably ends in permanent death and/or maiming, the lawsuits end up costing us millions of dollars.

    Mr. Fine, a prominent Los Angeles attorney is thrown in jail for exposing that the LA County judges have allegedly taken $300 million in illegal payments.

    All of our inmate lawyers are suffering similarly at the prison level. Nobody cares because inmate lawyers are not treated with the same respect as regular citizens, even though this is in violation of the penal code and US Constitution.

    Prestigious attorney thrown in jail for contempt makes 911 call to show “Full Disclosure” What he is describing is business as usual at the prison level too. The judiciary is completely corrupt. He urges people to call lawmakers, the only one that might possibly intervene is Senator Gil Cedillo. The rest of them are put into office by law enforcement labor unions and are never going to stand up for an individual’s constitutional rights.



    Mental And Physical Torture Do The Same Psychological Harm Say Researchers


    Whether torture is physical or mental the trauma is the same
    Torture taking place in California’s prisons and jails are returning people to their communities much worse off then before incarceration. The lawmakers know it, yet they are doing nothing to remedy it, and have broken 77 judicial orders to repair conditions.

    Prisons have broken our budget and our heart, yet politicians would rather bluster “tough on crime” than on what we need – which is “smart on crime” politicians.

    Mixon is a perfect example of hundreds of thousands of people who go into prison on the edge, needing mental health care more than punishment, and go over the edge after horrible conditions of confinement.

    Why is the media banned from being able to interview specific inmates if not to cover up the death toll?


    Judge Jay Bybee, the 9th Circuit judge who signed the famed “Torture Memos” is still covering up abuses taking places in the prisons. How would you like for your appeal to be before this monster? Why is he still sitting on the bench in a position of power after what he did?


    Lancaster Jail Lockdown: 6,500 Potential TB Cases

    This could have spread like wildfire to other prisons, the media cannot get accurate information from the fascists who run the CDCr

    a staff member is said to have brought in the TB, some of the guards have died from rampant diseases such as Valley Fever, or caught MRSA and still the state lawmakers aren’t cleaning up the joint.


    Hangman’s noose nullifies Yosemite judge’s guilty verdict

    These Conservative judges are causing great unrest amongst the population. Anyone hearing the signals of an uprising if something doesn’t get done?

    I see the New York Times is calling for Bybee’s impeachment today, his current decisions represent life and death over California’s inmates at the mercy of this cruel monster.


    Keep in mind that Jerry Brown is in large part responsible for our corrupt criminal justice system. If he becomes Governor, the whole state will be like Oakland.We need a democrat but not HIM!

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