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Now that Dr. Ben Carson has redefined the people who came to this country in slave ships as just another category of "immigrants", dreaming the American dream as they made the passage to the promised land as cargo, packed like sardines into the holds of ships providing them with free boat rides to what would come to be known as the land of the free, we must now look at them all through a different prism. No other group of immigrants in American history got here without having to pay their own passage, and many people, especially Republicans, believe that the gift of those free cruises to the free world began a pattern of dependency that continues to weaken the moral fiber of the descendants of those free-ride immigrants from Africa.

Immigrant Slaves

The Scandalous History of African Illegal Immigrants—Jaime O'Neill

Unlike all other immigrant groups, black Africans never were required by law to show their papers, to submit to extreme vetting, or any vetting whatsoever.

But, though the perennially ungrateful African immigrants were graciously and legally proclaimed to be 3/5th human once they got here, and though much was done to accommodate their needs, they never had to prove they'd entered their adopted country legally. Unlike all other immigrant groups, black Africans never were required by law to show their papers, to submit to extreme vetting, or any vetting whatsoever. And though some of them were surely criminals, and rapists back in their own countries, they were never made to individually prove their fitness to live in this country.

Clearly, Africa wasn't always sending us their best. They may have been, as Ben Carson insists, just another wave of American immigrants, but by that definition, there is no question they were the largest batch of illegal immigrants in American history, millions of people who came to these shores without visas, passports, birth certificates, or documentation of any kind, an alien population whose religions or propensity for terrorist activity or subversion had ever been checked out.

It is a shocking example of one group of Americans who have been shown very special treatment, an exemption from the rules all other groups of immigrants to this country have been required to observe. What remains is for us to round up all the children of these illegal African immigrants, deport them back to their home nations, if known, or just return them to the African continent, if not. If they then wish to become legal citizens of this nation, they could then go through the steps required of all others seeking legal status on the path to citizenship in this great nation. It is, after all, only fair, and as President Trump said recently, kicking out illegal immigrants is all about "love."

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Has there ever been any group of Americans shown as much love as those who came from Africa, a love that began with the free sea voyages given to several generations of their kind. But the favoritism toward them must end, for their own good, and for the good of the country. As President Trump also has said on the subject of protecting our borders, "we have no choice."

jaime oneill

Jaime O'Neill