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I’ve never done this before, but today I’m devoting this page to a brilliant piece of animation that my friend Kathleen Saulino posted this morning on her Facebook page.

This, I believe, is one of the most important and educational films ever made. It explains in terms easy to understand (and with brilliant satirical insight) what has happened to this once-great nation, and why we all need to stand up and take it back.

It is almost thirty minutes long but worth every second of your precious time. Cross my heart.

Take a good look at what America’s political apathy and ignorance has done to us.

Send a link to everyone you know – and tell them to spread it far and wide – to everyone they know….and so on….

“The Re-Founding Fathers and Mothers”

tom deganSeriously, we don’t have to take this lying down. We need to get the greatest minds of this generation together in one room. Unfortunately, I don’t think it has to be a very large room. Someone’s kitchen table will probably do.

Declare a new Declaration of Independence – from the banks and financial despots who have looted the not only our economy, but the entire world’s – then back to my place for coffee and drinks. What do you say?


Tom Degan


  1. Jeff says

    I’m a progressive. I do not throw around the “antisemetic” accusation lightly. Especially as it pertains to the Israeli/Palestinian discussion where it’s often grossly used as a tactic to silence the discussion. However, after watching this film, how can any progressive with a history of social scapegoating not see that it’s down right scary in the connections it makes? It’s antisemetic. It’s racist. Many can agree on the premise that banks/power structure is to blame for much of the state of the last few years. Lot’s of shaddy shit went down before everyone’s eyes. But the narrative and symbols in this piece of media diverts from an examination of what’s going on now and and uses GOOD OLD (and I do mean good ole boy) methods to tell the story. The evil octopus arms of the Rothchild banking family above and behind the scene even controlling the dumb ‘white’ Chase family et all. Those same images were propoageted for years in the 20’s and 30’s. Anyone notice the “hang ’em high” reference from the lead with the southern accent telling us ‘how to take care of it’. The piece even ends with a melding into the proto facist movie 300. You know, the story of the brave and perfect small group of whities rise and kill the heathen monster other dark folk with all the gold.

  2. says

    This is ridicules. I support Israel and Jews and have woken many people up to the anti-Israeli conspiracy. Mainstream media are not showing the truth about the Gaza vs. Israel situation. Youtube”hamas children”,”real gaza”,”son of hamas”,”pallywood”

    It’s a fact, the international bankers are scamming the world public with their Fractional Reserve banking scheme. IT IS NOT A ZIONIST; JEWISH OR ISRAELI CONSPIRACY! PERIOD!
    It’s a conspiracy that is very old and goes back to Egypt and Babylon. This bloodline are against Jews and have turned the public against Jews for centuries. They funded Hitler. Google “bush hitler”.
    The Jewish people are often very spiritual, strong and good people that understand serving humanity will create a paradise on earth and if they where left alone from all the haters, they would create worldwide shalom(Peace). The Jewish nemesis are the bloodlines that are heavy into the occult. They believe in population reduction and world domination. They want to play Muslims, Jews and Christians up against each other etc. Their God is Lucifer!

    The international bankers are from an old bloodline. Some from the bloodline are Obama, Bush, The British Royal family, Rockefeller, The Dutch royal family etc. and Rothschild.

    Rothschild is a Jewish family.
    No one will disagree with me that not all Jews are angels and never do anything wrong. I am sorry but this Jewish family are involved with a scam and they don’t care about Jews either.

    George Soros helped the Nazis round up Jews and has even admitted it. He is bad and should have been in jail for his actions. It’s not antisemitic to call him a Nazi collaborator, when he even admits it:

    It’s antisemitic to protect a Nazi collaborator!

    Rothschild is part of the scam together with non Jews. It’s a fact. those that deny it are not very knowledgeable about how Fractional Reserve Banking works.

    It’s wrong to call it antisemitic and will only do more harm to Jews, because it will look like some Jews are protecting the scammers and it will fuel the antisemitic conspiracies that it is a Zionist conspiracy when it is not. Jews should expose this scam by the international bankers! We are all in this boat together.

    I have a friend that is from the Rothschild family. That person is against their agenda and is very open about it too. Not all bloodline family members are bad, but we all have to face reality and understand they manipulate us, because we allow it.

    “Give me control of a nations money supply, and I care not who makes it’s laws. ”
    M. Amschel Rothschild,

    • says

      I don’t know if the Rothschild family poses as a Jewish family. That could be the case.
      Keep your friends close. But keep your enemies closer.

      The bloodlines really don’t like Jews at all.
      They control the mainstream media and especially in EU were I am from, we see allot of anti-Israeli propaganda and pro Gaza.

      Those from Gaza are a death-cult that brainwash children to hate Jews and they think they go to heaven, if they blow them selves up. They are very organized in an anti Israeli propaganda war that goes on in the western media. In the US. the political correctness are overprotecting Israel so people turn into haters.

  3. Jonathan says

    I apologies for chiming in late on this issue. Tom Degan is obviously an intelligent and talented person who has put great effort and detail into his video. For this reason I have serious problems with his assertion that he didn’t know the Rothschild were Jewish and his efforts to keep everyone focused on the “main message”. Sorry Mr. Degan, some of us have noticed your “secondary message” and it tarnishes your overall effort greatly.

  4. Elaine says

    While watching this I never even thought anti-Semitic. Even after reading some comments I cannot see that in the cartoon at all. But I do wonder if Tom Degan really liked the Kennedy’s so much why is he a Progressive now, or is he? I am 63. We moved to Georgia when I was in the sixth grade. I was so ashamed of Lester Maddox being the governor of Georgia that I hated going back home to North Carolina for visits that we lived in Georgia.
    President Kennedy fought against communism, hated Castro in Cuba and didn’t do to well with Russia. Robert Kennedy as I have said in other posts tried to bring Hoffa down, accusing him being a Communist and told him he didn’t think the American people would like that too much and he went after the mafia which for me was hard to understand as it seemed to be common knowledge that that is where his Dad made his money.
    So if they hated the Communist and the majority of Americans hate the Communist, how did we get so many of them and the Marxist in the country now right out in everyone’s face and unconcerned anyone knows?

  5. Lauren Steiner says

    You guys are missing the bigger picture with this film when you focus on whether it is or isn’t anti-Semitic. The fact is, it is anti-Progressive. I watched this film for the first time and was impressed with how they combined information with entertainment. I thought I learned a lot I didn’t know about the history of the central bank and the Fed. As someone who agrees that the Fed has too much power in our country, I was predisposed to agree with their message. Then I showed it to my 12th grade son who is taking economics. He was incense about what he saw as simplifications, generations and just plain inaccuracies about the economics. For one, he pointed out that the people who run the Fed are appointed by the President and that the government has the power to control and regulate the Fed; they just choose not to.

    When I did a Google search to do some fact checking and analysis of the film, all I saw was their own site. When I clicked on it and then clicked on The Mission, I found that one of their goals is limited government. They want to abolish the Fed, the income tax and the IRS, Medicare, Social Security, the Departments of Education and Energy to name a few. They want to eliminate debt as a way to finance anything, personal or federal and return to hard currency based on the gold standard.

    When you click on the link under the film that says more results from the film, that leads you to seven pages of elaboration on all the people, entities, and concepts presented in the film. One of their ideas is that poor people should be helped by charity not government.They are most probably Tea Partiers or Libertarians, hardly Progressives. So while there is one kernel of truth in this film, I think it is imperative that we look a little deeper before saying it is the most important film and spreading it widely. Other viewers might not bother to delve deeper.

  6. says

    For the record:

    I had no idea “Rothschild” was a Jewish name. In hindsight it sounds vaguely waspish. But that’s immaterial to the argument. Who cares what the hell their religion was? Joe McCarthy was a Catholic – as I am. That never stopped me for portraying him as the drunken, irresponsible jackass that he undoubtedly was. You’re missing the point. I am not trying to imply that the film is one-hundred percent accurate. BUT IT DOES MAKE SOME DELICIOUS POINTS THAT WE WOULD BE FOOLISH TO IGNORE.

    Seriously, folks. Don’t distract yourselves from the main message,


    Tom Degan

  7. Steev Hochstadt says

    “The American Dream” is the opposite of a progressive video. Although the cartoon is cute and technically well-done, the analysis of our current economic problems is crude. The film presents a conspiracy theory about the Fed as the source of all financial evil, aided by the IRS. The Fed is completely uncontrolled by any American people or institutions, and is under the power of foreign bankers. Our taxes do not go to our government, but to others, in “the greatest theft in human history”. It unconstitutionally prints money in order to further enslave Americans through debt. Patriots, who follow the teachings of a few of our founding fathers, must do something right away, “before America is destroyed forever.” JFK is quoted at the end from a speech about the Communist menace, but now he is cited as revealing “the secret powers behind the Federal Reserve”. Hence his assassination.

    This is standard fare for the conspiracy theorists of the far-right wing. The video originated in and is circulating among the network of survivalist, conspiracy-mongering, far right websites, like, which claims credit for the film at the end.
    Given this origin, antisemitism is to be expected. As you point out, here it is not especially blatant, but also not subtle. The arch-fiend is the Rothschild banking family: they played both sides at Waterloo, they enslaved England; they planned to “enslave all the nations on earth”; they controlled Alexander Hamilton; all the big American bankers trembled before the “Red Shield bankers” in fear when the IRS took over our country in 1913. “Red shield” is an English translation of Rothschild. The many-armed octopus here is a symbol of Jewish power used by 19th-century antisemites to portray their claim that Jewish power reached everywhere. If you google “Rothschild red shield”, you come up with a host of survivalist, Christian fundamentalist, racist websites about the dangers of Jewish power and the Fed.

    It appears that Tom Degan did not know what he was seeing and has an affinity for simplistic explanations of complex problems, which is what conspiracy theories provide.

    The danger of such films is that they confirm the delusional ideas of people like plj4all: “The film puts the Rothchilds at the head of the operation because they were, not because they were jewish. These evil bankers financed Hitler, so if the film makes them out to be the bad guys, it isn’t exactly being anti-semetic, is it?”

    There was no such conspiracy, the Rothschilds had no control over the great American bankers, and they did not finance Hitler, which is so absurd as to be laughable.

    Steve Hochstadt

    • says

      Steve —

      I would like to take the content of this email, add further discussion and turn it into a post.

      I agree with the notion that conspiracy theories provide simplistic explanations of complex problems. I think racism, antisemitism, sexism, and the like are also connected to that same notion.

      I believe, for the most part, that we as humans seek to find answers. We want to get to the bottom of things. But many of us are either intellectually lazy, lack curiosity, or simply don’t have the discretionary time needed to delve down and unravel complex matters. So, in the absence of having well researched information at our finger tips, we fall prey to simple explanations that may not be factual.

      Until recently, large swaths of the American population had the luxury of being able to choose not to understand certain complex matters (particularly our economic and political systems) because they and their life style were not threatened by their lack of knowledge. But the economic winds are changing that.

      Here lies my concern. As a member of a group that is historically scape goated, I’ve seen enough to know that when resources get scarce the canaries in the coal mine start dropping — case in point, the unemployment rate for black men in some urban areas is 50% . You’ve probably heard the old saying, “When America catches a cold, black America catches pneumonia”. Forgive me if I’m not making myself clear. I’m probably resorting to language short cuts to avoid turning this comment into a book.

      I guess what I’m trying to say is I want to use the LA Progressive to educate. I think this video provides us with an opportunity to explain why the message is bad and/or misleading and how it is antisimetic. It would also be helpful to point out the stealthiness of the antisemitism in the video.

      Anyway, thanks for bringing this to our attention. I don’t want to simply remove the video without an explanation. I’m open to ideas.


  8. plj4all says

    Just because ONE of the bad guys happens to be jewish, doesn’t make the film anti-semetic. To add to the list of bankers involved (I believe the film includes some of these names as well) are the Rockefellers and the Morgans. I’m personally not sure about the Morgans but the Rockefellers are definitely not jewish but definitely a big part of the problem. The film puts the Rothchilds at the head of the operation because they were, not because they were jewish. These evil bankers financed Hitler, so if the film makes them out to be the bad guys, it isn’t exactly being anti-semetic, is it?

  9. says

    For this busy guy a 30-minute video is too long for me now (even if maybe it turns out not to be anti-semitic), especially if its operative conclusion is as useless as Degan’s claimed version:

    “Declare a new Declaration of Independence – from the banks and financial despots who have looted not only our economy, but the entire world’s – then back to my place for coffee and drinks. What do you say?”

    Exactly what does the nice-sounding “declare!” rhetoric actually amount to? Operationally?? Specifically?? The morning after Degan’s coffee and drinks, how are we as a polity to run matters – and in particular make our public decisions any differently??

    Even the original Declaration of Independence did and decided nothing in itself: it simply expressed and rationalized the Continental Congress’ and Army’s prior decision and determination to fight. What did settle some operative matters was the 1787 US Constitution that followed years later.

    Anyhow ad hominem blaming enterprising bad actors – whether George III back in 1776 or bankers now – turns out to be a fruitless approach to actually taking charge and making things better a second time around.

    The real insight to what goes wrong, and therefore what correction is needed, was given by Lord Acton in 1887. He pointed out a quite sufficient recipe for ensuring continuing misfortune: concentration of power. “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” His words apply to economic power, and above all they apply to political power – the power to make (and enforce) the public decisions, laws and policies on which markets and economic power depend.

    If you concentrate political power – as the 1787 Constitution does (even with its much lauded provisions for some separation of powers) – you can expect politicians to be corrupted and to sell out – whether to bankers or industrialists or developers or any other enterprising folk.

    At bottom the 1787 Constitution provides that this country be run as a republican oligarchy – where all decisions are taken by a relatively few officials (mainly elected), each with long terms, and therefore with a guaranteed stranglehold on the power (and the ability to profit personally by selling it out) over many key public decisions of value to all sorts of special interests.

    Fail to change this centuries-old recipe for oligarchy and resulting ready corruption, and you keep on asking for trouble, no matter how many times you gleefully redistribute some wealth or hold a Refounders Party.

    An alternative exists and some key parts of it were implemented in ancient Athens (and a bit in our jury system in this country): actual democracy, with power de-concentrated. Each major public decision would be taken deliberatively not by a fixed central long-term congress (or by a highly empowered executive) but by a separate independent team of ordinary citizens serving a short term.

  10. Steve Hochstadt says

    Maybe I need to watch this video a few more times to be sure. But it seems to me that the video that Tom Degan says we should send to everyone we know is an openly antisemitic conspiracy theory of all recent history which places the Rothschilds at the center of every evil that has befallen our nation. Is Degan being ironic or is he promoting the oldest myth about Jewish domination? Will the few people Degan counts as great minds all blame the Jews for America’s problems? Or will there be a little sharing for others?

    Steve Hochstadt

    • says

      Steve —

      Since you posted this comment, I did some reading about the Rothchilds. Had you not posted this comment, I would not have looked into this. I’ve watched the video a second time. Without first knowing something about the Rothschilds and the conspiracy theories being circulated about them, I would not have caught the subliminal message. But after reading about the conspiracy and then re-watching the video, the video then took on new meaning. I noticed that there is a decidedly ominous, diabolic tone conveyed through the use of music and other visual signals when the Rothschilds are mentioned. There are other signals as well that cast a bad light on Rothschilds. But does that mean that the entire message of the movie is antisemitic? This is not a rhetorical question. I think this discussion is an important one to have and welcome an article or further discussion here in the comments section.

      The LA Progressive does not want to unknowingly (or knowingly for that matter) support the distribution of antisemitic messages. Both Dick and I take this matter very seriously.

      If others feel this movie is antisemitic, please help us to understand why.

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