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Finally, the moment animal rights champions have been waiting for ...

Santa Monica Ponies

On Tuesday, September 9th, the Santa Monica City Council will decide whether to replace the exploitative animal exhibits -- tethered pony rides and cramped petting zoo -- at the Main Street Farmers Market with life-affirming children's activities: painting, arts and crafts, poetry, and drama.

Though the motion (scroll for the text) is not expected to come before the council until after 9 pm, supporters of ending animal cruelty can show up as early as 6 PM at City Hall, 1685 Main Street, SM, to fill out paper work to speak in support of agenda item - 13-l.

Even if you don't live in Santa Monica, you can support the voiceless animals.

Please email your support for agenda item (13-I) to and In the subject line, write: Please vote for 13-I and end animal cruelty at the market. (or some variation of that subject line.)

Be polite and thank the council for considering this motion.

I launched a petition drive five months ago to shut down the animal exhibits. For too long, my Ocean Park neighbors have boycotted the Main Street Farmers Market because they object to tethering ponies, butt to nose. This tethering restricts the ponies' freedom so severely the sentient beings cannot turn around or seek water on their own. Over at the petting zoo, a tightly penned alpaca shares a small space with a zebu, while chickens seek refuge in the corners of the zoo.

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Please SHARE the petition, as the more signatures we have (now at 1,251) the stronger our case for ending animal exploitation disguised as children’s entertainment.

Santa Monica Ponies

Here’s the petition link:

Together, we are the voice of the voiceless – the ponies tethered to a metal bar, plodding in endless circles on hot concrete with car exhaust in their face and music hammering their ears.

It’s not right – so let’s fix this.


Speak up. Show up. Stand up!

Marcy Winograd
Founder, Free the Pony! (scroll for the exact wording of the motion)

13-I: Request of Councilmembers Davis and Winterer that, in anticipation of the expiration of the current contract at this site, the City Manager issue an RFP for children's-oriented activities at the ingress/egress of the Main Street Farmers Market that gives preference to partners in our Buy Local initiative and non-animal activities, such as painting, arts and crafts, gardening, cooking, food preparation and decoration. If the bids do not meet with Council's approval, Council may reserve the entrance to the Main Street market for open space or dining.