Aristide Returns

aristide returns to haitiIt took 18 hours for Aristide to reach Haiti. Going from South Africa to Northern Africa in Senegal took 10 hours while from Senegal to Haiti took another 8 hours down to Haiti. I hear England wouldn’t allow a landing either. That long, long road is symbolic of the Haitian struggle. That long road Ezili’s HLLN has shared with you and with your support and forbearance.

Unlike colonial celebritism with Sean Penn, no one will give us accolades at a mere six months journey in Haiti. Ours is a centuries old long journey. We overstand. The struggle continues. A new era begins for us here at HLLN. We ask you help us define it. For we know the empire will strike back. We expect it and thus avoid the surprise blow. As usual, we shall take the road less traveled towards healing Haiti’s poor majority with dignity, human rights, self-sufficiency, justice and inclusion. We won’t sell out. Haiti and indigenous Haitians want justice not charity, not Clinton/Farmer UN/US paternalism. It’s a desperately humiliating, bumpy, wholly disemboweling, wholly healing and fulfilling ride. Against all odds, Ginen pozeKenbe la – hold on. (See, Don’t be distracted by Aristide in Haiti by Ezili Dantò and Avatar Haiti.)

Pierre Labossierre, Alina Sixto, Lavarice Gaudin, Jafrikayiti, Guy Antoine, Harry Fouche, Fritz Pean, Yves Point Du Jour, Jean Ristil Jean Baptise and too many others to name, congratulations on this day. Only we know what we’ve withstood in helping to overcome not one but two Bush coup d’etats on the poor majority in Haiti. Sometimes the fierce guilt of surviving, the endless stretch ahead, the soul and psychic wounds wrought on by the shame and humiliation of powerlessness and lack of material resources to do more, are too heavy a load. It’s too ugly and desperate to articulate the bullying and blows metered out by the most educated, most wealthy and most powerful on the most defenseless and non-violent people on earth.

Ezili DantoTheir collective suffering and deaths shall not be in vain. Justice will prevail, beauty will win, eventually. If not in our lifetime, then in the next. We are the Haitians, the indigenous Haitians. From generation to generation, from the womb to the tomb, our lives are about struggle. Today, for a moment, we’ll smile because in this shining and eternal moment that must see us through what will come at us next, we anti-Duvalierist-Haitians managed to survive whole with dignity and to witness that against all odds, we beat back the elite’s rabid rage.

Ayibobo! The Haitian resistance against the Western bicentennial re-colonization of Haiti lives on.

Ezili Dantò

Ezili Dano’s Note



  1. Evelyn Goodman says

    I wish, with all my heart, that the people of Haiti suffer no more of the horrible events that have befallen them.
    How can you bleed dry a country that is already in such dire need?
    I pray that God will shine His light upon this country and its people and give them some hope for their future.

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