Arizona Students Arrested for Protesting Police State

Last week, a group of students were arrested in Arizona as they protested the bill that would make them vulnerable to future harassment in their home state, in their home country.

The arrests led to even more unrest as supporters of the incarcerated youth turned up at the jail and demanded their release. Today passions remain strong as young Latino activists commit to continue to hit the streets demanding national leadership on the immigration issue and a veto of the Arizona State Bill 1070.

The passion however has yet to be matched in the US Senate or in other halls of power. Senator Reid has said that Comprehensive Immigration Reform is not on the agenda yet for this year in a frustrating blow to the newest generation of voters that correctly see this as a defining moral issue. While John McCain flips and flops on immigration, the issue he is most associated with, national Democrats are currently providing no real contrast. The silence of national Democratic leadership on the Arizona police state bill is a huge mistake since in great moral debates silence is often equated with approval of the status quo. This thankfully means nothing to the activists who are clearly aware that they are currently without much support beyond their convictions and yet remain undaunted.

While Arizona Governor Brewer contemplates her role in history the youth that were arrested yesterday have adamantly chosen their course. Clearly the foresight of these activists is 20-20 as they find the tools of resistance forged in the world wide struggles against oppression and fine tuned in Americas own civil rights battles. The question only becomes who will join them?

During the civil rights struggle Southern sheriffs imposed state oppression with attack dogs and fire hoses creating a television spectacle that woke a nation’s conscience. Arizona Bill 1070 has the destructive, divisive, and demeaning power of hundreds of fire hoses and thousands of attack dogs. While the tools of the police state are firmly in place the audience of conscience is yet to appear. The youth who found themselves so courted via text and web sites during the 2008 election now find themselves alone in jails.

The incredible part about this dilemma is that these Millennials are not fighting against Arizona they are fighting for America. They understand that any police state left to its own devices grows and is never satisfied with only one group to arrest. The protesters understand that America belongs on the side of freedom and they demonstrate through their actions that they believe it must always remain so. Those arrested in Arizona and those about to be arrested in Arizona are fighting for you and I. They fight in behalf of our continued civil liberties and the moral character of our nation. They joined the battle vigorously and history will show who joined them.

Mario Solis-Marich

Mario Solis-Marich is a radio talk show host who can be heard on AM 760 in Denver and world wide at

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  1. Elaine says

    They shouldn’t be protesting until they get the facts. It is either let the Drug Cartel & illegal criminal types come in & kill & kidnap children & adults or stand up & do something about it, since the Federal Government won’t.

    You find a lot of these kids do not know or have the facts, they just want to protest.

  2. Wiam says

    Wow Mario, police state? The AZ law codifies currently existing federal law. I carry my driver’s license when I drive, don’t you? My Canadian friends who have green cards carry proof of their residency, why shouldn’t workers in Arizona? If the federal government hadn’t been so lame and ignored illegal aliens for all these years, border states like Arizona wouldn’t be stuck with the cost of dealing with problems of illegal immigration.

    The AZ law will help stop illegal immigration, regardless of ethnicity. Yet the biggest criticism is that it could cause hardship for Hispanics, even though it explicitly prohibits racial or other profiling.

    Those student protesters are not fighting on behalf of my civil liberties, they’re fighting to support illegal immigrants, specifically those who are Hispanic, just as your blog post is doing. Why are immigrants from Mexico so much more valuable in your eyes than immigrants from any other country? Why should people from all other countries and of different ethnicities have to wait their turn while Mexicans are allowed to flaunt our immigration laws and live and work here? Come on, Mario, be honest about your bias toward Hispanic immigrants.

  3. Elaine says

    Even those that live there are too stupid to read the bill & just go by what they are told. Hear say! They are really learning a lot in school.

  4. Marshall says

    I wrote this plan in 2004
    18 Sep 04; a new immigration Plan

    The plan should be based on a carrot and stick approach. The carrot should encourage immigrants to come here legally to get a job and the stick should discourage people from coming here illegally because they will go to prison for breaking our laws. We need to come up with a plan to turn legal aliens into registered guest workers. First we need a new federal law that requires every State Driving permit to list the citizenship of the holder; i.e. citizenship = USA or citizenship = German, etc.

    Another carrot approach would be to allow any person not living in the US to apply for a 30-day Visitor Permit (VP) at any broader crossing. The visitor would provide their name and US and foreign addresses, would be finger printed, and allowed to look for employment for 30 days. An expired VP would be grounds for deportation. After 30 days of employment, the visitor could apply for a Guest Worker Permit (GWP).

    Any illegal alien currently residing in America and employed could fill out a Guest Worker Permit (GWP) application, which requires the person’s name, US address, US employer, and next of kin or friend living in the US. Any non-citizen without employment must have a current GWP or valid visitor card or face deportation. Guest Workers who become unemployed must report to their state of domicile unemployment department.

    Guest Worker Permits are required to be kept current by each worker and employer. Current means that a current employer name and address and current worker name and address are no less than 30 days old. Employers are required to maintain and update the information on the Guest Worker permits and report any employment changes.

    During the five-year GWP period, guest workers must learn to read and speak English. Guest workers and their employers must pay taxes, social security and Medicare, just like US citizens. Guest Workers who maintain their guest permits current for five continuous years would be eligible to apply for US citizenship if they are competent in the English language.

    A stick approach would be that any one caught in the US without either a VP or GWP would be finger printed and held in custody until deported. Persons found in the US a second time without proper papers would be placed in custody for three months in the state/county prison system where apprehended and work on road gangs to help pay for their incarceration. A third offense would double the custody period and so forth for following arrests. The idea is to deny freedom of movement and employment to persons who are not in the US legally and allow freedom of employment and movement to persons who are here legally.

    This plan encourages legal immigration, encourages illegal residents to register now, and discourages illegal immigration. It should eliminate the job of smugglers and allow the boarder patrol to look for security risks. The local police would be looking for undocumented residents and act according to the above laws.

  5. itsobvious2 says

    Have you even read the bill? I’m just sayin’. The bill does not create a police state in AZ. What is does is specifically guarantee that law enforcement officers will not be prohibited from enforcing already existing FEDERAL laws.

    The majority of language in the bill has to do with reining in companies that hire illegal aliens, human trafficers and drug trafficers and illegals who are felons.

    The bill directs law enforcement that they cannot use race, color or national orgin as a basis for any actions. The bill stipulates that an office must have probably cause to pull somebody over in an vehicle. If the driver cannot produce a valid driver’s license and/or valid insurance, they can be charged with a MISDEAMENOR. It also stipulates that anyone that is arrested becasue they are an illegal alien, will be turned over to the proper Federal authorities.

    Please don’t lie about what the bill contains.

  6. says

    I’m thinkin’ the cartels will now be the new funding source for the “activist” Latino community in Arizona,as they stand to gain the most from turning this state law around to allow them to continue to prey on the resources of the communities and social services of Arizona. Bill Press has lied on the air about it, already, this a.m.,stating on the air that what the new law said was that Arizona has now made it legal for Arizona law enforcement to harass people,specifically Mexicans. Truth: Neither skin color, nor nationality is specified in the language of the law.Illegal aliens are the targets, regardless of color or nationality, as currently written.

  7. says

    The Arizona law is sad because it doesn’t make Mexico or its people go away and causes grudges that make a real solution harder, while turning Arizona into a horrible police state. Meanwhile Obama wants another Reagan-style amnesty that does nothing to solve the root causes of poverty, injustice, crime and corruption in failed Mexico, or make the 2K mi. unsealable border disappear. It’s time Congress tried my 7-step nonpartisan Megamerge Dissolution Solution of expanding the U.S. border to the seas by incorporating Mexico as 10+ new states, allowing all 414 million Americans to work on the same team to share the New World, and giving the U.S. a new bigger seabound border that will be far easier to seal against illegal immigration and terrorism. Study the MMDS and tell your reps to:

  8. says

    The ugly law in Arizona merely codifies and legitimizes what Sheriff Arpaio and his bad boys have been doing for some time. Two years ago, the American citizen son of an American citizen friend of mine was stopped in Phoenix and challenged to prove his status. He was jailed because he did not have his birth certificate on his person. There he remained until his mother could be notified and could arrive with the needed document. I don’t carry proof of citizenship on me. Do you?

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