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President Donald t-Rump likes to fashion himself as an imperial dude, on the order of his favorite world leaders, Kim Il-Jung, Vladimir Putin, Recep Erdogan, and that senator from Kentucky. He also likes to assign people demeaning names based on juvenile word-play, or primitive fears. So that man behind the curtain in the White House has spoken…and his name shall be…t-Rump. (Lower-case “t” – Capital “R”-ump.) Just remember he started this.

Kim and Trump

t-Rump and Kim in particular, have common ground with Hamlet, though Kim is more of a Hamlet inversion for killing an uncle though he already was the king.

t-Rump and Kim in particular, have common ground with Hamlet, though Kim is more of a Hamlet inversion for killing an uncle though he already was the king. While most garden-variety dictators thrive on a “cult of personality,” these two men have carefully crafted their own “Cult of Personality Disorder.” Andrew Johnson, the 17th president, got impeached in part for comparing himself to the Messiah. Some Congressmen objected to his comparing himself to Jesus, and positioning himself as a martyr; while attacking his critiques, and INSISTING that only his supporters were true patriots. Is this a recurring, sesquicentennial theme in American History? Johnson’s impeachment came shortly after the Civil War; which t-Rump is trying to start up again. Most of us thought all that ended in 1962 with the Battle of Oxford, when James Meredith enrolled in grad school at Ole Miss. But the Rebels just hunkered in their bunkers and caves for about 150 years, waiting for the all-clear signal.

 t-Rump also draws comparisons to Hamlet not only because of his colonial designs on Greenland, and verbal attacks on Denmark. But wait, there’s more. He has the same tendency to declare scientific fact to be untrue. As Hamlet said, “I am but mad north-north-west; When the wind is southerly, I know a hawk from a handsaw.” He was saying that he was a very stable genius. Hamlet’s madness was prompted by the murder of his father by his uncle. t-rump’s is attributable to bad nutrition; and being told “no” by his advisers, wife and adversaries. I gotta’ give Melania credit for holding out on him; if she can coordinate with Mrs. Putin, Mrs. Kim, Mrs. Erdogan and the others, she can be our 21st Century Lysistrata. Doth the lady protest too much? Hamlet’s mom Gertrude might say so, but most queens don’t approve of their progeny grabbing women by the pudendum, especially from the lower classes.

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“Abetted by Senator No and his kNOw-nothing supplicants, t-Rump is the president of “no.” But he is restrained, to some degree, by that pesky Constitution thingy, and a viable opposition party; none of which encumber Kim. His policy is simply, “Do me a favor though, or I’ll kill you.” Both men call to mind Billy Mumy’s child-monster character in a memorable episode of “The Twilight Zone.” But Kim is closer to exacting immediate retribution for thinking bad thoughts, and sending offenders to the corn field. Hamlet may have been an impetuous, spoiled boy-king, but he didn’t do that. t-Rump thinks his Twitter account has the powers of the corn field and Billy Mumy’s diabolical mind. He may have Mumy’s motivations, but not the super-natural powers to make bad people just go away. Twitter just isn’t as powerful as Billy Mumy’s evil will, and this also fuel’s t-Rump’s rage.

Polonius tells his son Laertes in Hamlet, “Neither a borrower nor a lender be.” t-Rump’s business model realizes that dictum by never paying his bills, investors, workers or debts. If you are stealing, technically you are not borrowing. Kim’s family has “borrowed” money from the U.S. since his grandfather ran the show, and magically turned all loans into gifts. So he’s not a borrower either, and the U.S. has never loaned him anything. He’s taken it all, AND taken t-Rump for a ride. Their mutual Cult of Personality Disorder was signed and sealed in a beautiful love letter.

Methinks that t-Rump “doth protest too much,” about his tax returns, calls to the Ukrainian president and open collusion with Putin. Meanwhile, Kim’s nephews stew over pater’s demise and wait their turn. t-Rump and Kim are not known for their humor. t-Rump recently tweeted, “I have of late, but wherefore I know not lost all my mirth…“ The irony is that his only demonstrated humor is juvenile and primitive name-calling. Plus, he’s done more than anyone to make “this goodly frame, the Earth, seem to me a stale promontory… “ Of course, if Kim gets his way with nuclear weapons, we will all be nothing but “golden fire.” Both Cults of Personality Disorder are “no other thing to me than a foul and pestilent congregation of vapors.”

scott prosterman

H. Scott Prosterman