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Who Should Get Nobel Peace Prize If NK and USA Avoid Nuclear War?

[dc][/dc]ho should get the Nobel Peace Prize if NK and USA resolve their “war?” I am not making this up but somebody proposed Kim Jung Un (“KJU”) and Donald J. Trump(“DJT”). Come on, dudes and dudettes, they had nothing to do with it, if it happens.

First of all, get real. There is NO difference between KJU and DJT, none, nada, zip, zilch. Both were born into and lived in a bubble provided by their daddies. Grew up rich, spoiled and never did a lick of honest work in their lives. As we all know, people raised in bubbles are rotten. They have been protected from the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, and as a result, have NOT learned how to be decent, caring human beings. It might not be their fault, but human experience teaches this is usually the case.

Okay, there may be one small difference between KJU and DJT. KJU has been living off the NK taxpayers since birth. DJT only since being “elected” President when he began living off US taxpayers full time, though the record indicates he gouged taxpayers a lot before being “elected.” These two bubble snowflakes have zero interest in, nor capacity for, making peace. T

hey simply assume they will survive nuclear war because they are the elite—DJT will hide out in the US Government bunker known as “Raven Rock” while ordinary US citizens die in nuclear war having been written off by the US government (see the book “Raven Rock.”)

KJU will hide out in the NK bunker which I have chosen to name “Craven Rock” because how more craven can you be than to hide like a rat during a war you had the power to avoid, but because of your bubble based arrogance thought you could survive while letting all the people you supposedly “led” die?

Now that I think of it, DJT will also be hiding out in Craven Rock. Maybe he’ll be in Craven Rock One and KJU will live with his stashed opulence in Craven Rock Two.

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No, the people who deserve the Nobel Peace Prize if peace is attained are the Peace Workers of the World. I think they have scared KJU and DT into peace.

No, the people who deserve the Nobel Peace Prize if peace is attained are the Peace Workers of the World. I think they have scared KJU and DT into peace. How? Peoples Wars Crimes Tribunals. Like the one in Australia. An exhaustive view of the law of nations, international treaties, Nuremberg and Tokyo War Crimes Trials, led to the CONVICTION for war crimes, crimes against peace and crimes against humanity of the Australian Prime Minister.

Other people’s war crimes trials around the world have reached similar conclusions. It does not, in my judgment, take a great legal mind to conclude that murdering all of humanity in a nuclear war is a crime. As one great legal mind once said, “We hold these truths to be self-evident” murdering all humanity ain't right, it just ain't right.

I note that in the event nuclear war actually takes place, those responsible will be held to be war criminals. Conviction for war crime carries the death penalty, death by hanging to be precise, or firing squad. The Peace Workers of the World hold war crimes trials because they revere life so they do not impose such penalties. The “victors” in war, however, do. The USA hung many at Nuremberg and Tokyo following WWII’s war crimes, which killed “only” 55 million, not the billions that will perish in Nuclear holocaust. I predict, if there are any survivors of nuclear war, such trials will result in the death penalty for those responsible. And I have volunteered to be Defense Counsel for those so accused, because I believe everyone accused of a crime deserves a fair trial and a lawyer on his side. Coming up with a successful defense has, however, to date eluded me, and I have successfully defended many accused of infinitely lesser crimes.

So, I bet KJU and DJT, if they let peace happen, do not deserve the Nobel Peace Prize for it. Rather we ought to be able to see that such craven “leaders” are simply incapable of mustering the courage, or the strength of character, for such an accomplishment. Rather, like most bubble raised bullies, they will be understood by humanity to be craven cowards, and any contribution they make to the achievement of peace will be as a result of the fear of judgment for war crimes. Or maybe, the realization their bubble will end, and there may be, just may be, a just god waiting.

Even if the Peace Workers of the World do not get the Nobel Peace Prize, I can guarantee, for them, god will make it right.

(Though the above was inspired by the passing of Jean Gump of Kalamazoo, Michigan, a tireless, ordinary mother, grandmother, neighbor and peace worker, a salute goes out to all peace workers world wide – thank you for your sacrifices and your service!)

Here is the link to all the evidence and documents considered by the Australian People’s War Crimes Tribunal. Read it and weigh the evidence and arguments.

kary love

Kary Love