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Aiha Nguyen

About Aiha Nguyen

Aiha Nguyen, Senior Research/Policy Analyst

Aiha first joined LAANE as an intern while completing her master’ in urban planning at UCLA. After graduating, she returned to LAANE as a policy analyst on the Accountable Airports Project. Aiha transitioned to the Grocery-Retail Project where she is working to raise standards in the industry and address issues of disparate food access.

Prior to LAANE, Aiha worked as a political and community organizer in the Asian Pacific Islander community and on state and federal elections. She was also a field deputy for former Congresswoman and current Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis.

Born in Vietnam, her family was one of the first Vietnamese families to immigrate to Ithaca, New York in the early 1980s. She confirms that Ithaca is in fact Gorges.

In her free time, she enjoys yoga, running half marathons and starting DIY projects, which she hopes to complete some day.