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Audrey Levitin

About Audrey Levitin

Audrey Levitin has been a development professional for over fifteen years. Prior to joining the Innocence Project, Ms. Levitin was a Vice President with the Vantage Consulting Group, a firm providing comprehensive fundraising services to the nonprofit sector. In addition to creating strategic development plans for a broad range of organizations, she has extensive experience designing and implementing fundraising campaigns for organizations in the fields of civil rights and legal services.

Ms. Levitin established the Vantage Group’s Educational and Technical Assistance Program. In that capacity she conducted workshops, seminars, and lectures for the Open Society Institute, the United Way of New York City, and the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women. She also provided one to one technical fundraising support to grantees of the Open Society Institute and the New York Foundation.

In addition to her work as a development professional, Ms. Levitin has experience in advocacy and issues surrounding social justice. She is the Producer of Sanctuary: An Expression of Conscience, a documentary depicting the plight of Salvadoran refugees in the 1980s and is Co-Chair of US/Israel Women to Women, an organization advancing women’s issues and peaceful co-existence in Israel.