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Bonny Schumaker

About Bonny Schumaker

Bonny Schumaker, retired from NASA after 22 years as a physicist and California Institute of Technology Ph.D. in physics, took to the air nearly 20 years ago to augment her lifelong avocation of rescuing and rehabbing wildlife and domestic animals.

She founded the nonprofit On Wings Of Care which, among other things, has flown the Gulf of Mexico for over 600 hours since the BP disaster of 2010, finding animals and helping scientists study them, and document pollution incidents for government agencies and the public. Her group regularly rescues and transports hundreds of otherwise doomed domestic cats and dogs per year, nationwide, and they are sought after for their developed skills and equipment for finding and tracking wildlife, on land and sea.

While flying the Gulf searching for whale sharks, she laments the finding of much oil pollution; and while flying as a first responder to pollution incidents, she is constantly on the lookout for wildlife. Since 2010, she says that they are seeing more pollution than wildlife -- not the case in 2010 and earlier. She and a small group of collaborators have spearheaded the revived effort to push for the creation and legislative mandate for sustained support of a Gulf of Mexico Regional Citizens Advisory Council.