Dan Bacher

dan bacherKnown as "Dangerous (don't give a fish a chance) Dan" to the fish and out-of-line government agencies, Dan, like all of us, fishes and writes about it. Dan does the tough research and interviews it takes to write the hard hitting editorials and action alerts you read on our pages. His years of experience dealing with fishery issues provide the impetus required to get anglers involved in political action. As Editor for the "Fish Sniffer Print Edition", Dan oversees production of the paper while making sure unique timely content arrives to the Fish Sniffer Online.

California’s Oil Industry Captures Regulatory Apparatus

California Oil Industry Regulation

Big Oil spent $266 million influencing CA politics from 2005-2014 he biggest, most explosive story in California environmental politics is the capture of the regulatory apparatus by the regulated, but you wouldn’t know it if you rely on the mainstream media for your information. While corporate agribusiness, the timber industry, insurance companies, the pharmaceutical industry […]

Brown Administration Approves Nine New Offshore Fracks

Brown Approves Offshore Fracking

he administration of Governor Jerry Brown lived up to its role as one of the most Big Oil-friendly regimes in California history by recently approving nine new plans for extensive new offshore fracking near the California coast. The state’s Division of Oil, Gas and Geothermal Resources approved the permits for nine new fracking operations in Long […]

Was Santa Barbara Disaster Inevitable?

Santa Barbara Oil Spill

Dan Bacher: Until people challenge the power of Big Oil in California and the industry’s control over the state and federal regulatory agencies, we will see more of the Refugio-type of oil spill disasters in the future.

Cold, Dead Fish Awards for 2014

Cold Dead Fish Awards

Dan Bacher: For his continuing efforts to plunder California’s natural resources while posing as a “Green Governor” promoting “green energy” and addressing “climate change,” Gov. Brown gets the “Cold, Dead Fish Award” for the third year in a row.

Anti-Fracking Coalition Calls for Shutdown of Toxic Injection Wells

Toxic Injection Wells

Dan Bacher: The permission to pollute was granted because of the capture of the state’s regulatory apparatus by Big Oil and other corporate interests. In fact, the oil industry not only exerts its enormous influence by spending millions and millions of dollars on lobbying and campaign contributors, but is able to get its officials and allies placed on state and federal regulatory panels.

Bechtel-Funded Water Storage Study ‘Half-Baked’

California Water Storage Crisis

Dan Bacher: Reservoir storage does not equate to water supply,” said Jay Lund, lead author of the report and director of the UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences. “Reservoirs cannot supply water without a water supply to fill them first.”

Dumping of Wastewater into Aquifers

Dumping Wastewater into Aquifers

Dan Bacher: “The fact that high concentrations are showing up in multiple water wells close to wastewater injection sites raises major concerns about the health and safety of nearby residents.”

Meet the Resnicks: The Koch Brothers of California Water

No On Prop 1

Dan Bacher: Want to have some fun and challenge corporate agribusiness at the same time? Then attend a mock reception outside the home of famous (infamous) Delta water diverters, Stewart and Lynda Resnick, hosted by the No on Proposition 1 campaign.

Oil Drilling Ban Fails!

Ban Oil Drilling

Dan Bacher: State Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson’s bill to ban offshore oil drilling from an area of state waters in the Santa Barbara Channel known as Tranquillon Ridge stalled on the Assembly Floor on the evening of August 26, effectively killing the bill for the year, due to massive opposition by the oil industry.

California Activists Protesting Money in Politics Declare Victory

Protesting Money in Politics

Dan Bacher: After five more people were arrested in the State Capitol Rotunda in Sacramento at a sit in Thursday night, activists from the group 99Rise on July 3 announced the end of their twelve-day occupation and civil disobedience campaign to get the corporate money out politics.