Will Cuba Extradite Assata Shakur?

Extradite Assata Shakur

*+-David Love: As President Obama rights old wrongs and casts off anachronistic and failed Cold War policies, the last thing the federal government should want to do is perpetuate the sordid legacy of COINTELPRO, kangaroo trials, and Hoover’s quest to neutralize black activist leadership, including Assata Shakur.

NYPD Cop Killings Must Not Derail the Movement

NYPD Cop Killings

*+-David Love: The truth is that the anti-brutality protests are not about death, but about life and the right to live that life without feeling it is threatened by those who vowed to serve and protect us.

Is California Death Penalty Ruling a Bellwether for the Nation?

California Death Penalty Ruling

*+-David Love: If the process by which the death penalty is applied amounts to cruel and unusual punishment, and the death penalty machine cannot provide equity, fairness or a modicum of due process, then the death penalty is no more legitimate than its extrajudicial cousin – lynching.

Is 911 ‘Still a Joke’ for African-Americans?


*+-David Love: According to a study by the Chicago Sun-Times, it takes 911 dispatchers over three times longer to send out a cop car in the predominantly black South Side of Chicago than downtown and the North Side.

‘Hurricane’ Carter Went to Mat for Wrongfully Accused

hurricane carter dies

*+-David Love: With the death of Rubin “Hurricane” Carter, we have lost a great fighter in the ring and a powerful advocate for the wrongfully convicted. In many ways, he helped open the eyes of many to the injustices of a system that far too often throws innocent people behind bars.