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Debbie Hines

About Debbie Hines

Debbie Hines is a Washington, DC based practicing trial attorney, former Maryland prosecutor and member of the Supreme Court bar who is an expert in criminal law, gun laws and a voting rights advocate, among other areas. She often addresses legal issues at the intersection of race, gender and class. As a former felony prosecutor, she conducted Grand Jury investigations, tried homicides, attempted murders, rapes, burglaries, robberies, narcotics and economic crimes before juries with a high conviction rate. Presently, she maintains a boutique law practice focused on civil and criminal litigation. As a trial lawyer in private practice today, Debbie advocates for the rights of her clients in court rooms across the country. As a trial lawyer, Debbie Hines has won million dollar awards representing clients in personal injury cases. She has been associated with several law firms in Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD.