Denis Campbell

denis-campbell-200Denis G. Campbell is co-host of The Three Muckrakers, a global political podcast (found under UK Progressive podcasts on iTunes and Podcast Nation). Weekly he joins former BBC anchor Phil Parry and Falmouth University’s Dr. Dario Llinares discussing the week’s political scene in the UK, USA and around the globe. He is the founder and editor of UK Progressive Magazine and a frequent Americas, political, business and Middle East commentator for: BBC, itv, CNN International, PBS, msnbc, China Radio International, HKTV (Hong Kong), ETV (India), NOS (Netherlands) and Al Jazeera English.

Denis is the author of eight books including the soon to be released Letters from Teabagistan- The 2016 Clown Car Republican Primary Field. Others include: Egypt Unshackled - a look at the social media timeline of the 18-days leading up to the fall of Hosni Mubarak, Billionaire Boys Election Freak Show about the 2012 election and his latest, Show Me You Care on the decline of global service. All are available in paperback and amazon’s Kindle store worldwide.

He just completed his 26th season as a FIBA basketball referee, covering semi-final and Championship games in last weekend’s Wales Final Four weekend in Cardiff.

#ThisIsACoup — Greece Folds Like a Cheap Suit


Denis Campbell: The EU got greedy. They needed to humiliate and break Greece. There was even talk yesterday about a ‘temporary Grexit’ from the Union so they can get their affairs in order (read: accept the deal or we will crush you).

US Politics Arrive in UK

FRank Luntz

Denis Campbell: It was a brilliant political strategy. The Tories (like US Republicans) know FEAR of extremism of any kind, in relatively good economic times, can be a powerful motivator. Find the right mantra, ride it to victory.

10 reasons Why Dems Will Hold Senate

Dems Will Hold Senate

Denis Campbell: The American electorate is tired of the dysfunction and lack of work from this Congress. This is the biggest problem facing the Republican/GOP/Tea Party and why popping champagne corks is very premature, no matter what so-called ‘expert pollsters’ say!

White Supremacists Preparing to Fight New Civil War?


Denis Campbell: Since the execution of Timothy McVeigh, sentenced to death for the Oklahoma City bombing, and the election of a black man as the US President, the number of white supremacist militia groups has exploded within prisons where they are the most feared group.

Only 3,864 Hours of Cable News to Fill Until Election Day

Photo: Pete Souza

Denis Campbell: Mitt’s negatives will continue to grow for one simple reason, the President remains well-liked outside of the lunatic fringe whilst out-of-touch, gaffe-prone and unlikeable, Romney loses women by 15%, Hispanics by 40% and African Americans by 90%.

Kent State Shooting: Could It Happen in Tampa?

kent state

Denis Campbell: Demonstrators fear with no limit to guns being carried by civilians, armed and unstable GOP/Tea Party crazies, backed by a highly militarized police force, could create a Kent State 42 years after the original.

Prince of Darkness Gets a Heart


Denis Campbell: Dick Cheney is the poster child for the 2% (Romney is the 1%’s king) and are we really to believe that Cheney’s money, power and connections had zero influence in the decision for him to receive a donor heart at age 71?