Dick Price & Sharon Kyle

dick-and-sharon-kissing-KAs a husband and wife team, Sharon Kyle and Dick Price publish several print and online newsletters on political and social justice issues. Sharon serves as Publisher for Dick & Sharon's LA Progressive and Dick serves as Editor.

Do Black Lives Really Matter?

Do Black Lives Really Matter

At this month’s forum, we have three experts who can help us better understand the dynamics involved in police interactions with black and brown communities, from law enforcement, legal, activist, and victim family perspectives.

Give LA Progressive a Step Up

Common Cause of California

With your help, we plan to bring aboard paid interns to better cover breaking news as they learn to run an online publications empire. (Okay, LA Progressive is more of a municipality than an empire, but you get the point.)

Common Cause and Us

Common Cause of California

Tax Day this year had special meaning for us. Common Cause of California recognized us with their “Local Activists of the Year” award, presented at a glorious ceremony at the Skirball Cultural Center.

LA Talk Live: Murder By Police


On the heels of the full release of Ferguson, Missouri, police department internal emails, Dick and Sharon will discuss the stresses associated with raising black children in America. We will interview Ishtyme Robinson, a mother who lost two children in two different confrontations with law enforcement officers.

LA Progressive Live! Shooting Gays in the Head? Really!

Gay Backlash

une in Monday, March 30th, at 3 p.m. PST for the next installment of “LA Progressive LIVE!” You’ll find us streaming at www.laprogressive—and we’ll archive the 1-hour show. LA Progressive Live! is an extension of laprogressive.com an online social justice daily publication that covers issues mainstream media avoids. We are streaming from the studios of […]