Frank Fear

frank-fearFrank A. Fear is professor emeritus, Michigan State University, where he served as a faculty member for thirty-year years and worked in various administrative positions for nearly twenty years. Find him on Twitter @frankfear and on Tumblr, “For the Public Good,” at Frank also writes about issues that intersect sport and society. You can read him at The Sports Column at

Bernie and the Public Good

Sanders Social Order

Frank Fear: Sanders isn’t talking about change via a policy here, a program there. He’s talking about re-scripting the social order.

Mario Cuomo’s 1984 Democratic Convention Speech: Still Relevant, Inspirational

Mario Cuomo

see his face. He looks right at me with piercing eyes staring directly into mine. I hear his voice. It’s melodic. lyrical. Word are selected meticulously. Spoken carefully. The enunciation … well … it’s “just right.” Mario Cuomo was more than an orator. Cuomo was cerebral. Cuomo was thoughtful. Cuomo was expressive. And, most importantly, […]

Curt Flood and “The Reserve Clause”

curt flood

few days ago a newspaper column in local market paper carried this headline: “Let’s put away the drama and get back to sports.” The point: media spend too much time covering off-the-field news stories. The writer, for one, vowed he would concentrate on covering the games. The problem with that thinking is that sports aren’t […]

FIFA, Banks, and the Rule of Law

Fifa Bribes

Frank Fear: Why go after FIFA when, for years, bank cronies have gone unpunished? Institutional fines, not individual jail time, have been the penalties levied for wrongdoing—billions and billions in fines.

George Will Strikes Out on Sustainability in Higher Ed


hen it comes to interpreting baseball’s place in America’s history George Will has no peer. Consider Will’s words as spoken in Ken Burns’ 1994 videography, “Baseball”: “Baseball suits the character of this democratic nation. Democracy is government by persuasion. That means it requires patience. That means it involves a lot of compromise. Democracy is the […]

Rudy G and Malcolm X—A Connection

Rudy Giuliani Racist

Frank Fear: Two public figures—Rudy Giuliani and Malcolm X, different in fundamental ways—share something in common. Each voice exemplifies a prominent political discourse in America—one conservative, the other progressive.